Your Janam Kundali in English: Online Kundali Analysis

Making a Big Decision? But Is your Timing Right?

We all want our actions to yield favourable results. But this isn’t always the case, despite putting our best maximum effort into the ventures, we didn’t get the best results. Why this? This happens because of the unfavourable timing of your action. If you do not time your action right, even your best effort will go in waste. So timing is requisite. And here, where kundali roles come into play. So let’s check out what Kundali is? And how it plays the primary role in our day to day life.

Kundali or Horoscope

Kundali, also known as Horoscope, specialized in demonstrating the position of the planets at the time of your birth. Kundali is precisely used to interpret the celestial influence in your life. Thus, Janam Kundali is a comprehensive chart that gives a house-wise prediction, different birth charts, yogas and doshas, Panchang prediction, etc., you get all these important information in one report, i.e. Janampatri.
Not only that, but your Janampatri also gives you crystal clear guidance and takes you through 12 key categories that make up your life – Health, Intelligence, Career, Finance, Love, Marriage, Your Character, Your Spiritual-life, Social life, Parenting, Life vision, and Your Fortune.
It is a blueprint that reveals the most important things about you and life. So, now you can just imagine the power of a few pages of your Janampatri.

House in Kundali and their Effects

The Kundali chart is diversified into 12 houses, which include different signs and planets. The first house began with an ascendant, and the rest houses are numbered anticlockwise on the natal chart. These houses are subjected to foretell the position and astrological aspect of an individual. Each house in Janampatri represents a different prospect of life, for instance, career, relationship, money, and others. Thereby, Kundali helps astrologers to fetch information related to the area of your choice.

Why is Kundali so Important?

A Kundli and birth chart is a figurative representation of the movement and position of planets and celestial bodies at the time and place of your birth. Kundali is prominent for many aspects of your life. It enables you to understand life in a very meaningful way. But How? So, let’s dig more into the question of why and how Kundali is important for life.
Prepare you for Making Smart Decisions: By analysing Janam Kundali, you can make smart decisions and excel in all facets of life – marriage, career, love, finance, education, & more.
Helps refine the trait: The Kundli Analysis is like a small chart that mirrors and records all your inner and outward traits, characteristics, and downfalls. It can help you overcome adverse characteristics and refine the traits you already have.
Helps Find the right Match: From the Janma Kundli, family, friends, and love life can also be looked into. You can again have insights in terms of how good your relationship with your family is, how compatible two people are for marriage, if friends in the future play a big part in your life, and so on.
Helps Eliminate all Dosha: Through Janam Kundali Analysis, you will be able to know the aspect related dosha and eliminate it for a better life. A detailed Kundli can help you get the information about your strengths and weaknesses in life, and hence giving you an opportunity to become a better person today, tomorrow, and forever.

How is Your Kundali Analysed?

The analysis of Janam Kundali means getting an insight into your past, present, and future happening. Through Kundali Analysis, you can develop an intuition of your personality traits, nature, and about good and bad times, or even hardship.
There are four steps for Kundali Analysis. There are Analysing, Synthesising, Forecasting, and Applying corrective Measures.
  1. Analyzing the kundalini or chart or Chakra by interpreting the basics of Vedic Astrology Horoscope.
  2. Understanding the various meanings and interpretations for the native using charts, Kundali, and other Horoscope analysis techniques.
  3. Forecasting personality, events, and behavior over time based on the above Kundali Analysis.
  4. Applying corrective measures to improve the quality of a Kundali by neutralizing malefic planets and consequently enhance a person’s life.

In the case of Marriage, Is Kundali Matching necessary?

Yes, horoscopes give a clear picture of how a person’s marriage and family life would be. Based on the placement of 7th lord (Marriage), 8th lord (Spouse longevity), 2nd house (Family life), the person’s marriage life will be predicted.
Marriage is the most auspicious and crucial event in man’s life. The overall success of man’s primary depends on how happy a person leads in family life irrespective of status, earning, etc. So trouble-free marriage life is everyone’s wish.
What are the Advantages of Kundali Reading for Marriage?
  1. One of the favourable advantages of Kundali reading is that it helps in checking the Marriage similarity.
  2. After marriage, it is believed that two individuals become one soul.
  3. Kundali Matching determines the Nature, behaviour, and aptitude of partners.
  4. Gunas are critical for being considered while getting married to an ideal prospect. If a minimum 18 point is obtained, then marriage is considered compatible.
  5. Kundali matching also foresees financial prospects for marriage, and discern financial stability between the two.

More about Online Janam Kundali in English

As per Vedic Astrologers, Janam Kundali is a principal tool of Astrological science which is used to predict future events in contrast to the study of heavenly bodies in the solar system leveraging Earth, human bodies, creatures, plants, etc. Here is why Janam Kundali in English is needed:
  1. To understand and recognize your strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Online Janam Kundli reading enables you to predict your goal and may suggest you choose the profession according to your planets.
  3. It enables you to choose your life partner by matching your life partners’ characteristics.
  4. It can usher you regarding worldly deals.
  5. Online Janam Kundli reading helps you to get the remedies and gemstones for your doshas by top Astrologers in India.
  6. Kundali highlights the doshas such as Mangal dosha and Kala Sarpa Dosha so that these doshas can be eliminated.
  7. A Kundali also foretells the favourable and unfavourable timing in life.

How Does your Kundali affect your life and personality?

A Kundli works like a guiding tool that is accessed and written accurately and can help you as a guiding light in taking the right decisions and picking the right opportunities in life.
A good Kundli reader or astrologer who can interpret your birth chart, study the star and planetary positions would be significant here. As their interpretations and their simplified meanings and guiding messages would help you for better.

Are Kundali Predictions True?

Yes, if the details like, Time of Birth, Date, and place are accurate.
A Kundali is an Astrological chart, created based on the exact date of birth, place, and time. When we call this Chart a Kundli, we are primarily referring to a Personal Horoscope, created by using the Vedic Astrology System. This Chart denotes the positions of the various planets, including the Sun, Moon, astrological aspects, and significant angles, at the time of one’s birth. The Kundali in English is often being prepared by a proficient astrologer to gain insights into an individual’s personality. Such as their potential, past, present, and future.