Manglik Dosha - Our Red Planet (Mangal) and Its Significance In Astrology

Manglik Dosha - Our Red Planet (Mangal) and Its Significance In Astrology

Meaning Of Manglik Dosha

First, let’s just have a look at the pre-introduction of this furious planet “Mars”. We are all quite familiar with the name as it’s the scientific name of a very red planet which we called “Mangal” in Hindi. The red planet is widely misunderstood in the astrology world as the ”angry bird” of the solar system.

But In Reality, this universally acceptable identity of Mars is not factual. Because planet Mars has two sides to its very nature, one is its innate nature which is malefic and could cause trouble only if it resides in the destructive house in your horoscope but on the other side, it can be extremely beneficial if it stays in the house of that supreme power.

Mars is not a troublemaker by nature, it’s the house that is responsible for its activities which could be negative or positive for that matter. On that note, now let’s get a little deep on the subject of Manglik Dosha.

Horoscope matching Kundalis is a form of astrological matching. Kundali matchmaking is an ancient Indian tradition that is given due consideration before marriage is finalized. Horoscopes are used by many Hindu families to guide their behaviour, and make important decisions. Because it is considered to be the most important factor in matchmaking, “Manglik dosha”, also known as Kuja Dosha, becomes a major issue in the marriage of a girl or boy. Due to such issues, marriages can be delayed unnecessarily at times.

And here comes the role of Mangal ( Mars), and its significance placement in the horoscope is the main parameter for consideration of ‘Manglik dosha’. If Mars appears in the Ascendant, Fourth House, Seventh House, Eighth House, or Twelfth House, then the individual is regarded as ‘Manglik.’ “Kuja dosha” is also considered by certain astrologers and books.

Matchmaking may give priority to certain Houses for a variety of reasons. The self, or Lagna, is represented by this. Also, to be An angry and violent individual might be the result of Mars’s location in the “Lagna.” House 2 is home to your kin (immediate family). Mars in the Second House might bring issues with family adjustment. The House of Comforts is located in the fourth house. If Mars is placed in the Fourth House, it might hurt the family’s comfort. It should be noted that Mars’s placement in the Seventh House, which governs marriage, may lead to misunderstandings in marital relationships.

Suhaag Bhava and Ayu (longevity) are both represented in the Eighth House (House indicating longevity of marriage). Mars’s placement in this House denotes danger to oneself and one’s partner thus. Mars’ placement in the Twelfth House, the House of marital contentment, is also not considered a beneficiary.

Marriage has always been a big affair, and so is this matchmaking. So for this whole affair, the astrologers / Pandits have to count the Houses from the ‘Lagna’, the Moon, and the Venus. With so many Houses and parameters involved, it becomes hard to find a horoscope without a ‘Manglik dosha’. However, in the case where ‘Manglik dosha’ is severe, i.e. when Mars is heavily afflicted with no benefic associations or aspect, ‘Manglik dosha’ can cause problems in marital life.

Scriptural Meaning: If Mars is in the ‘Lagna’, Fourth House, Seventh House, Eighth House, or the Twelfth House of the horoscope, the spouse can be a cause of death.

We know what you must be thinking now, and that must be that” Can Mars alone cause such tragedies in marital life? Normally, it has been observed that if Mars is without any destructive houses or aspects, it may not cause havoc in a marriage. As a result, the scripture quoted above cannot be taken as gospel truth. ‘Manglik dosha’ might also lead to divorce or separation if the conditions are serious enough.

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Mangal Dosha & Impacts On Marriage - An In-depth Analysis

So far, we can conclude that Manglik Dosha (Kuja Dosha) can cause a few tremors in marital life, but the obvious question here is that what is the extent? The answer to this question is not very plain, though, as most of us are conditioned in a way that we think that Manglik Dosha (Mangalya Dosha) is dangerous, but that is not the fact.

There are twelve Houses in a Horoscope, and if Mars is in the 1st, 2nd (according to some astrologers of South India), 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th House, then it’s said to be Mangal Dosha. So, out of 12 Houses, there are six houses where the position of Mars is said to cause the Manglik factor. Hence the ratio of Manglik and Non-Manglik is 50:50 (If you exclude the 2nd House, then it becomes 60:40).

However, Mars is a planet that is known for its aggressiveness. One becomes dominant, aggressive, and irritable as a result of it. A disagreement between husband and wife is the result of it aspecting or making a direct or indirect aspect to the 7th House.

If there is a Mangal Dosha in a Horoscope, it is often believed that the partner would die. This is just not true. As a result, Mars is highly affected, and the 7th House is plagued by more than two ailments.

Conclusively, we can say how bad Manglik Dosha could be in married life, is based on the astrological aspects associated with it.

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Manglik Dosha” Its Results Based on House Placements”

It has been made clear that Manglik Dosha is identified based on its placement in your horoscope, but now we will see the outcome of it in your life. So for that, We have used the astrological classic ‘Jatak Bharnam’ to explain the ‘Manglik dosha’. Here are some of the lines from this book that deal with Mars’ location in the “Lagna,” or second house, as well as its placement in houses four, seven, and twelve.

  1. Mars in the “Lagna” can cause mental illusions, sick organs, bravery, violence, and long-distance travel.
  2. The native may be poor if Mars is situated in the Second House. There is a possibility that he lacks knowledge, is cruel, and is hostile to his family.
  3. If Mars is placed in the Fourth House, the native may have problems from friends, vehicles, fear of falling from vehicles, prone to diseases, and general weakness.
  4. Mars in the Seventh House might bring up a variety of difficulties. The native can experience adversaries, unnecessarily anxious thoughts, bodily weakness, and sadness due to an affinity to the opposite sexes’ company.
  5. The native may suffer from eye sickness, bad luck, issues owing to blood-related disorders, and a tendency to do menial employment if Mars is positioned in the Eighth House. There’s also the possibility that it’ll make the person’s intellect dull and make them sceptical of religious matters.
  6. Mars in the Twelfth House can cause tension with friends, vision problems, and a restless body in the resident. Desperately seeking money, he may suffer from poor self-esteem or perhaps become a slave as a result of this situation.

Manglik Dosha Calculator

It is quite fascinating that we can check the presence of Mangal Dosha ( Kuja Dosha ) In the horoscope by simply putting the birth dates of both the involved people. Expert astrologers do their calculations and can tell us if there is Manglik Dosha or not. So speaking of astrologers, please get below your clear, concise Manglik report generated by our expert team: Manglik Dosha Report 

Manglik dosha Reductions and Cancelations

Manglik Dosha (Kuja Dosha) can be problematic. We know it now and also How much trouble it might bring to one’s life. But as they say that there is a solution to every problem, especially in astrology, so you need to worry a lot about Mars. In some cases, the effect of Manglik dosha can be reduced. Also, there are some situations in which Dosha gets cancelled as well.

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First, let's see how the Mangal Dosha can be Cancelled.

  1. If there are similar afflictions in the horoscopes of the boy and the girl, the ‘Manglik dosha’ gets cancelled.
  2. If one of them has Mars in the ‘Lagna’, Second, Fourth, Seventh, Eighth or the Twelfth House and the other has Saturn or ‘Rahu / Ketu’ in the ‘Lagna’, Second, Fourth, Seventh, Eighth or the Twelfth House, then too, the defects get cancelled.

Now moving ahead with the ways which can make Manglik Dosha tolerable.

Reduction in Manglik Dosha

In some cases, the effects of ‘Manglik dosha’ get diluted considerably if other parameters of the horoscope are matching. Marriage may be recommended on account of such dilutions also.

  1. Benefic planets in ‘Kendra’ (quadrant) and ‘Trikona’ (trines) increase the happiness in marital life.
  2. Malefic planets in the Third, Sixth and the Eleventh House make the horoscope strong. This helps in checking the negative factors concerning whoever marries.
  3. If Mars is placed in its own House, it generally does not cause any adverse effect to it. Hence, if Mars is placed in Aries or Scorpio and placed in the ‘Manglik’ position as described earlier, it may not be harmful.
  4. Aspect of Jupiter on Mars or placement of Jupiter with Mars is said to reduce the ‘Manglik dosha’.
  5. Mars placed in conjunction with Saturn or ‘Rahu/Ketu’ is said to reduce the ‘Manglik dosha’. However, this is debatable, as malefic associations may multiply the problems.

Mangal Dosha Remedies for Manglik Person

Observe fast on the first Tuesday of every new month during Shukla Paksha. Fast should be observed by eating Toor Dal.

Chanting of Mangal mantras on Tuesday.

Hanuman Chalisa is to be changed once during the day.

Every day chant “Om Shree Hanumate Namah” 108 times during a day sitting in front of

the idol of Lord Hanuman.

Visit Hanuman Temple on Tuesday and offer sweets and vermilion.

Donate red clothes to workers working with sharp iron materials/items.

Donate wheat bread, red-colored dal, and clothes on Tuesdays.

Worship Lord Vishnu, or Book an Online Vishnu Puja.

Wear trinket/gemstones advised by astrologers.

Kumbh vivah. It is said by our astrologers that Kumbh Vivah can cure your ill-placed Mars. What to do? A person, to remove the Dosha, should marry a Peepal tree. The tree will take away all the adversarial influence of the planet Mars on your Kundali.

Mangal Dosha can be removed by Mangal Shanti Puja.

As a result of supremacy and intensity, Mangal( Mars) has been considered as very prominent of all the planets in matrimonial matters. We hope now you can look at mars in a different way which is certainly not scary.

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