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After having a close look at your birth chart, divisional charts and Dasha Bhuktis along with planetary transits, you may have following experiences during Jupiter Transit.

Prakash Mehta
Birth Particulars
Gender Male
Latitude 22N43
Birth Date 13 Sep 1988
Longitude 75E51
Birth Day Tuesday
Lagna Taurus-4:58:14
Birth Time 22:06 hrs
Aynamsh 23:41:43
Birth Place Indore
Moon Sign Virgo
Country India
Birth Nakshatra Chitra
Timezone 0530 hrs
Nakshatra Pada 1
Avakhada Chakra (Your Birth Panchang)
Description: The table shown here contains various astrological terms which are obtained from your own Moon’s position. Hence, this table is very useful in Vedic Astrology as it shows your own personalized information. This helps the native to determine the compatibility with others.
Birth Yog Brahm
Birth Vasya Manav
Birth Karan Taitil
Birth Yoni Vyaghra
Birth Varga Mushak
Birth Gana Rakshas
Birth Varna Vaishya
Birth Yunja Madhya
Birth Tatva Bhumi
Birth Nadi Madhya
Ghat Chakra
Description: As the name suggests, Ghaat literally means negative or inauspicious. This table shows your personalized negative phenomenon of Panchang in which you should take extra care and precaution. Plus, the suggested day, tithi, month, nakshatra etc… should also be avoided to initiate any new or auspicious work.
Month Bhadrapad
Tithi Shuklatritiya
Day Saturday
Nakshtra Shravan
Yog Shul
Karan Kaulav
Prahar First
MaleMoon Gemini
FemaleMoon Scorpio
Lagna Kundali
Lagna Kundali
Nirayan Grah
Grah Rashi-Ansh Nakshtra-Pad Ra Swa Na Swa Awastha
Lagna Taurus- 4:58:14 Krutika –3 Venus Sun Mruta
Sun Leo- 27:24:05 Uttarafalguni –1 Sun Sun Mruta
Moon Virgo- 24:31:12 Chitra –1 Mercury Mars Balya
Mars Pisces- 15:32:36 Uttarabhadrapad –4 Jupiter Saturn Yuva
Mercury Ucchano Virgo- 23:50:51 Chitra –1 Mercury Mars Kumar
Jupiter Taurus- 12:14:21 Rohini –1 Venus Moon Yuva
Venus Cancer- 12:56:14 Pushya –3 Moon Saturn Yuva
Saturn Sagittarius- 02:23:58 Mool –1 Jupiter Ketu Balya
Rahu Aquarius- 19:54:21 Satbhisha –4 Saturn Rahu Vruddha
Ketu Leo- 19:54:21 Purvafalguni –2 Sun Venus Vruddha
Harshal Sagittarius- 03:22:17 Mool –2 Jupiter Ketu Balya
Neptune Sagittarius- 13:44:17 Purvashadha –1 Jupiter Venus Yuva
Pluto Libra- 16:54:40 Swati –4 Venus Rahu Yuva

Moon Chart

Moon Chart


Navamsha Chart
Ashtakavarga Kundli
Ashtakavarga Kundli
Vimshottari Mahadasha and Antardashas

Mars (7y) Age 0

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Mars 31 Jan 1988 29 Jun 1988
Rahu 29 Jun 1988 18 Jul 1989
Jupiter 18 Jul 1989 24 Jun 1990
Saturn 24 Jun 1990 03 Aug 1991
Mercury 03 Aug 1991 30 Jul 1992
Ketu 30 Jul 1992 27 Dec 1992
Venus 27 Dec 1992 26 Feb 1994
Sun 26 Feb 1994 04 Jul 1994
Moon 04 Jul 1994 02 Feb 1995

Rahu (18y) Age 6

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Rahu 02 Feb 1995 15 Oct 1997
Jupiter 15 Oct 1997 10 Mar 2000
Saturn 10 Mar 2000 15 Jan 2003
Mercury 15 Jan 2003 03 Aug 2005
Ketu 03 Aug 2005 22 Aug 2006
Venus 22 Aug 2006 22 Aug 2009
Sun 22 Aug 2009 17 Jul 2010
Moon 17 Jul 2010 16 Jan 2012
Mars 16 Jan 2012 03 Feb 2013

Jupiter (16y) Age 24

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Jupiter 03 Feb 2013 24 Mar 2015
Saturn 24 Mar 2015 04 Oct 2017
Mercury 04 Oct 2017 10 Jan 2020
Ketu 10 Jan 2020 16 Dec 2020
Venus 16 Dec 2020 17 Aug 2023
Sun 17 Aug 2023 05 Jun 2024
Moon 05 Jun 2024 05 Oct 2025
Mars 05 Oct 2025 11 Sep 2026
Rahu 11 Sep 2026 04 Feb 2029

Saturn (19y) Age 40

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Saturn 04 Feb 2029 08 Feb 2032
Mercury 08 Feb 2032 18 Oct 2034
Ketu 18 Oct 2034 27 Nov 2035
Venus 27 Nov 2035 26 Jan 2039
Sun 26 Jan 2039 08 Jan 2040
Moon 08 Jan 2040 08 Aug 2041
Mars 08 Aug 2041 17 Sep 2042
Rahu 17 Sep 2042 24 Jul 2045
Jupiter 24 Jul 2045 04 Feb 2048

Mercury (17y) Age 59

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Mercury 04 Feb 2048 03 Jul 2050
Ketu 03 Jul 2050 30 Jun 2051
Venus 30 Jun 2051 30 Apr 2054
Sun 30 Apr 2054 07 Mar 2055
Moon 07 Mar 2055 06 Aug 2056
Mars 06 Aug 2056 03 Aug 2057
Rahu 03 Aug 2057 20 Feb 2060
Jupiter 20 Feb 2060 28 May 2062
Saturn 28 May 2062 04 Feb 2065

Ketu (7y) Age 76

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Ketu 04 Feb 2065 04 Jul 2065
Venus 04 Jul 2065 03 Sep 2066
Sun 03 Sep 2066 09 Jan 2067
Moon 09 Jan 2067 10 Aug 2067
Mars 10 Aug 2067 07 Jan 2068
Rahu 07 Jan 2068 25 Jan 2069
Jupiter 25 Jan 2069 01 Jan 2070
Saturn 01 Jan 2070 10 Feb 2071
Mercury 10 Feb 2071 07 Feb 2072

Venus (20y) Age 83

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Venus 07 Feb 2072 08 Jun 2075
Sun 08 Jun 2075 08 Jun 2076
Moon 08 Jun 2076 07 Feb 2078
Mars 07 Feb 2078 09 Apr 2079
Rahu 09 Apr 2079 09 Apr 2082
Jupiter 09 Apr 2082 08 Dec 2084
Saturn 08 Dec 2084 07 Feb 2088
Mercury 07 Feb 2088 08 Dec 2090
Ketu 08 Dec 2090 07 Feb 2092

Sun (6y) Age 103

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Sun 07 Feb 2092 27 May 2092
Moon 27 May 2092 26 Nov 2092
Mars 26 Nov 2092 03 Apr 2093
Rahu 03 Apr 2093 26 Feb 2094
Jupiter 26 Feb 2094 16 Dec 2094
Saturn 16 Dec 2094 28 Nov 2095
Mercury 28 Nov 2095 04 Oct 2096
Ketu 04 Oct 2096 09 Feb 2097
Venus 09 Feb 2097 10 Feb 2098

Moon (10y) Age 109

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Moon 10 Feb 2098 12 Dec 2098
Mars 12 Dec 2098 13 Jul 2099
Rahu 13 Jul 2099 12 Jan 2101
Jupiter 12 Jan 2101 14 May 2102
Saturn 14 May 2102 13 Dec 2103
Mercury 13 Dec 2103 14 May 2105
Ketu 14 May 2105 13 Dec 2105
Venus 13 Dec 2105 14 Aug 2107
Sun 14 Aug 2107 13 Feb 2108

Jupiter will enter Sagittarius sign on 5th November 2019 and it will complete the 30 degree cycle on 30th March 2020. Jupiter will be passing through the Capricorn sign between 30th March and 30th June 2020. Jupiter will again enter Sagittarius sign in retrograde motion on 30th June 2020. It will end transit in Sagittarius on 20th November 2020.

Jupiter in your horoscope

The placement of 8th house Lord Jupiter in your chart suggests that you will be inclined towards spirituality and paranormal subjects. You would find it difficult to understand yourself. You would have a long life and there will be an interest in religious practice. You would have very strong intuition and ability to research. You could gain through inheritance. You will be good at investigation and possess sound knowledge in mystical studies. You would attain a higher or greater position in religious or spiritual pursuits.

The Lord of 11th house Jupiter indicates that you will have favourable support from friends, well wishers and elderly people. You will have expected financial growth in life. You will be wealthy, have many opportunities and achieve your desires and ambitions after some difficulties and delays. You may gain happiness and benefits from eldest sibling.

Jupiter in Taurus sign in Ascendant indicates that You are a person with a positive outlook towards life. No matter how negative the circumstance might be, you still stay positive. You help in encouraging people to do well, because you have the ability to inspire the faith of others. You can, however, be exorbitant and sometimes it can also be easy for people to deceive you. You might also tend to think that you are better than the rest and no one can compete with you which are not a good sign. Being self-indulgent is also bad for your growth. You have a great desire to expand the world around you with practical, tangible, material things. You might be attracted towards material things but you have a big heart and a giving nature. You are an individual who will do anything for the people you love. Your cooperative nature will help you manage your relationship efficiently. There is a fear of sickness and pain. Money and material possessions can come to you but you must use your resources wisely, else they will get you into trouble. A great love of rich or sweet food may lead you to become overweight. Control your appetite and prevent any further health issues.

Comparison of Natal & current Jupiter

Jupiter is the Lord of 11th house(house of gain) and 8th house(house of adversities) in your chart and it will travel through the 8th house of your horoscope. Your Moon sign is Virgo and the transiting Jupiter will be passing through the 4th house from your natal Moon. During this transit, Jupiter will aspect the 2nd house(house of finance and family), 4th house(house of domestic life and assets) and 12th House(house of expenses) of your birth chart.

Jupiter is placed in the Ascendant of your chart and the transiting Jupiter will be passing through the 8th house from the natal Jupiter. Transiting Jupiter and natal Jupiter will form 1/8 relations and it is said to be mixed for you.

Effect of Jupiter’s transit with respect to current Dasha period

You are currently under the influence of Jupiter Mahadasha and Mercury Bhukti. As you are passing through the Jupiter’s Mahadasha, Jupiter’s transit will be very important for you. During this period, you will be inclined towards spirituality and paranormal subjects. You would have very strong intuition and ability to research. You could gain through inheritance. You will possess sound knowledge in mystical studies.

Career/Business :-

During this transit, the transiting Jupiter will be moving over the Lord of 10th house(house of career) Saturn in the 8th house(house of adversities).

So, the expansive impact of Jupiter will bring opportunities for progress and likely to expand your horizon. As Jupiter will be moving with Saturn and Ketu, you may also have a sense of dissatisfaction regarding your current job profile or position in the beginning of this transit. But, the period starting from mid January 2019 may bring positivity in your approach. You are likely to get some good opportunities for progress and viable job option in the period between 24th January 2019 and 30th March 2020. However, your professional life may face certain roadblocks in the middle of this transit. Perhaps, you may have to compromise with revenues hence a sense of dissatisfaction may keep bothering you till 4th May 2020. The ending phase of this transit after 5th May 2020 will bring ease in your working and will provide you with some good opportunities for growth and gain. This transit particularly between 14th September and 20th November 2020 is likely to strengthen your position. You would attain respect and authority in this period and would be endowed with achievements and some good rewards.

Love/ Marriage/ Relationship :-

The transiting Jupiter will be aspecting the 2nd house(house of family) as well as 4th house(house of domestic life). Jupiter will also aspect the 4th house Lord Sun and Ketu placed in the 4th house

So, Jupiter will make you more expansive, warm and intimate in your relationship and that may have soothing effects on your relationship. However,, you can not call it completely a period of all the goodness as Jupiter’s conjuction with Saturn and Ketu may restrict its positive energy till 24th January 2020. Gradually, the period would lead towards the positive impacts. The period between 24th January 2020 and 30th March 2020 would be a period of happiness and bliss. Comforts will also be there and your family would become the reason of happiness. However, in the period between 30th March 2020 and 4th May 2020, conflicts on the personal relationship could also lead you towards some distress. Though there could be some distress in your relationship, the period starting from mid May 2020 would be altogether a period of contentment. During the ending phase of this transit in the period between 14th September 2020 and 20th November 2020, some auspicious happenings in your family is also possible. You would get happiness from the side of your beloved ones and would also attain peace and harmony in your personal life.

Finance/Education :-

The transiting Jupiter will be aspecting the 2nd house(house of money) as well as 4th house(house of assets). Jupiter will also aspect the 4th house Lord Sun and Ketu placed in the 4th house.

So, you are likely to find some good earning opportunities and enjoy benefits to your earning power. It could be a very profitable and productive phase. Positive financial position will remain and there would be good inflows throughout this period. You could also gain from inheritances, legacies and tax rebates due to this transit. There may be some delays and difficulties at financial front till mid January 2020. But, your efforts will start paying off after mid January 2020. The period till 25th May 2020 could be very favourable time to work with financial institutions, investments in property, or apply for a loan. Money may start coming far more easily during this phase. You will derive benefits from joint finances and shared resources. However, you must avoid over ambitious attempt in the period between 25th May and 1st August 2020 as the period looks adverse for making any major move. The ending phase of this transit from 1st August 2020 will ensure that enough funding is available to meet the needs of your family. Financial gains may also come through a partnership project and there may be an increase in your spouse’s income.


Jupiter’s transit through the Sagittarius sign may bring some good earning opportunities during this phase. But, the cluster of planets in Sagittarius may bring some complex conditions at financial front after 21st November 2019. This phase till 14th January 2020 will remain very important for your financial matters. It could bring financial difficulties for which you would be needed to put much hard work to emerge safe. It will be a very complex period and hence your financial planning will be tested. Some unexpected expenses might also disrupt your financial budget.

he transiting Jupiter will be passing through the 8th house(house of adversities) during this transit. It will be aspecting the natal Sun in the 4th house.

An expansive and optimistic aspect of Jupiter over the natal Sun will help you to bring positivity in your life. You will be less stressed over the problems that you face in your routine life. Such opitimitic and positive vibrations will help you maintain your health. But, you need to be careful in the period between 24th November 2019 and 14th January 2020 as Jupiter’s energy will be curtailed by malefics. If you have had any health problems in the past, such problems may resurface now. As you will be under the influence of Jupiter-Ketu Dasha period, you must not ignore even minor health issues. Your health will improve gradually and your vitality will also increase after 24th January 2020. This period till 25th May will prove to be a good phase to empower your health. If you are suffering from any ailments, this phase will help you to recover fast. Your health and vitality will not up to your usual standards in the period between 25th May and 1st August 2020 but gradually, the period from mid August 2020 may help you to regain your vitality and enthusiasm. Jupiter will turn direct on 14th September 2020 hence you can expect much better health status. During the ending phase of this transit you will focus more on your health and will make it a priority which could be a positive health signal.


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