Vakrasana (Diamond Pose) or (Twisted Pose)

The Twisted Pose, also known as Vakrasana, stretches the back and reduces waist fat. Vakra means distorted in Sanskrit, and asana means pose. The trunk is bent to one side in Vakrasana, which is done in a seated posture. For starters, this is a strong twisting posture. Many who are unable to do Ardha Matsyendrasana will profit from Vakrasana.


Meru vakrasana is a simple seated position that offers a soft spinal twist while also serving as a warm-up for more vigorous twisting postures. The word is derived from the Sanskrit word meru, which means “mountain,” vakra, which means “twisted” or “curved,” and asana, which means “position” or “posture.”

What is Meru Vakrasana?

the leg and wrist to perform meru vakrasana. With both knees pointing up to the sky, put the reverse foot just above the opposite knee.

Meru vakrasana relieves stress, increases concentration, and activates the spinal nerves in comparison to its physical advantages, which also include improved endurance. In addition, the posture improves the release of prana energy in the abdominal and naval regions.

Meru Vakrasana is a sitting posture that stimulates and maintains the Muladhara (root) chakra, providing emotional and spiritual grounding as well as a feeling of safety. This asana unlocks the Manipura (navel) chakra, which encourages self-esteem, trust, and personal strength, as it is a spinal twist.

Vakrasana: How to Do It

Yoga’s Vakrasana is a fantastic spinal twist posture. Vakrasana is composed of two words: Vakra, which means “twisted,” and asana, which means “yoga position.” Vakrasana moves trigger a fitting twisting of the spine, which is why it is also known as simple spinal twist pose and half spinal twist pose.

Vakrasana is a basic yoga asana, but it serves to extend and twist the lower abdominal muscles, and it benefits the body organs such as the liver, intestine, testis, kidney, ovary, pancreas, and stomach.

If you have diabetes and perform Vakrasana on a daily basis, you will be able to lose belly fat.


How to Practice Vajrasana Spinal Twist Pose:

  • First, take a seat on a yoga mat and spread your legs out.
  • Attempt to put your foot next to the right knee by bending your left leg from the knees.
  • Breathe and then rotate your waist to the side, ensuring your back is straightThen, try to put your right arm against the left side of your foot, with the outer side of your right arm meeting the outer side of the left shoulder. Shift your right hand alongside your left foot as well.
  • Take your left arm back and try to put your palm on the cement, twisting and straightening your trunk in the process.
  • Bring the left arm back and begin to throw your palm on the surface, twisting and straightening your trunk in the process.
  • Then you would repeat the process on the other hand.
  • Vakrasana can be done two or three times.

When doing “Vakrasana moves,” you must breathe while rotating your neck. Do not hurry the breathing; instead, continue to breathe calmly and deliberately, and keep the stance in the final step. Inhale and exhale as you return to your starting spot.

Step 1: Make sure the spine and muscles are involved.

Step 2: Place your elbow against your knee.

Step 3: Plant your big toe in the ground.

While you start Vakrasana moves, here are 9 preparatory asanas to do:

  • Vajrasana (Vajrasana)
  • Ustrasana
  • Dandasana
  • Tadasana
  • Shavasana
  • Stickasana
  • Shashankasana
  • Bhadrasana

Points to Keep in Mind When Doing Vakrasana Steps

  • When doing Vakrasana yoga, try to keep your back as still as possible. This will allow you to practice Vakrasana more effectively and reap the most benefits from it. Make sure you’re not putting too much pressure on your back while doing Vajrasana yoga. Rather than placing a pressure on your spine, if you do this right, you will reap the rewards of Vakrasana.
  • Make sure the shoulders are at the same point when doing Vakrasana.
  • Your spine must be straight when doing Vakrasana yoga.

If you Have Any of The Symptoms Mentioned Below, You Should Not Practise Vakrasana.

  • Injury to the spine.
  • Hernia is a type of hernia that occurs when
  • Back ache
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Peptic ulcers
  • Vakrasana can not be done during two or three months of pregnancy

Also take care that

  • If you have a slipping disc or sciatica, you should avoid Vakrasana.
  • If you have knee pain, you should avoid doing Vakrasana.
  • If you have a heart or brain injury, do not perform Vakrasana.
  • If you have a stiff back, you can perform Vakrasana moves under the guidance of a meditation professional.
  • Vakrasana can not be practised if you have had abdominal surgery.

Benefits of Vakrasana:

  • Vakrasana is good for your spine and nerves in your back. Vakrasana measures will help to include stretch and compression to the muscles and nerves in our back and spine. This helps to strengthen the quality of the muscles and nerves in your back and neck.
  • If you perform Vakrasana, the body is supposed to squeeze out the remaining stagnant and slow blood from the spinal field, which improves our lungs. This also aids in the purifying process by allowing it to spread to the lungs and heart. As a result, our lungs’ health improves as a result of this.
  • Vakrasana prevents adjoining vertebrae from fusing together during the elderly. This is a major health problem in the elderly.
  • Vakrasana is used to relieve health problems such as neck pain, back pain, and headaches.
  • Vakrasana is a yoga pose that helps to improve flexibility and minimise tension in the body. Vakrasana can be practised by someone who has a rigid body.
  • People diagnosed with diabetes will benefit through Vakrasana. Vakrasana is a yoga pose that acts as a treatment for the abdominal organs, including the pancreas.
  • Rheumatism, diabetes, and indigestion can all be treated with Vakrasana. Vakrasana can be performed every day by diabetics.
  • Vakrasana actions help to guide the pancreas’ beta cells, which in turn makes the pancreas release enough insulin because Vakrasana activates the pancreas. As a result, blood sugar secretion aids in diabetes management.
  • Vakrasana is useful for those who have a slipped disc or sciatica that is moderate.
  • Vakrasana is particularly useful for individuals who are facing back pain or pressure. People who are in discomfort as a result of backward and forward bent yoga asanas, in particular.
  • Vakrasana is a yoga pose that can assist with headaches. Vakrasana assists in the flow of blood to the various tissues, including our cortex, and hence aids in the relief of headaches.
  • Vakrasana improves digestion by twisting and compressing the digestive tract, which causes our digestive system to emit further digestive juice, which improves digestion.
  • Vakrasana is a yoga pose that encourages urinary hygiene and avoids urinary infections. This asana also aids in the healthy circulation of blood, nutrients, and oxygen to the urinary tract.
  • The back, hands, spine, belly, and shoulders are among the parts of the body that profit from Vakrasana.

Vakrasana-Related Facts

  • This posture necessitates adaptability. It is simple to do if an individual is adaptable.
  • To get the most out of Vakrasana, keep your back as relaxed as possible when doing it.
  • When doing Vakrasana, hold your back straight and balanced in the final pose.
  • One of the safest asanas for spine wellbeing is Vakrasana.
  • Vakrasana is beneficial for diabetics, as well as those with spondylosis, anorexia, menstrual disorders, cervical problems, indigestion, and constipation.
  • Vakrasana increases blood flow in the pelvic area, especially oxygen and nutrient delivery. It is beneficial to a woman’s reproductive system.

Please ensure you perform Vakrasana procedures correctly the next time you do them, and remember the precautions and advantages of Vakrasana.

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