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શેરબજાર અને નિફટી ફળકથન

This is one book every Intelligent Investor must have !

In the complex world of speculation, even the best of the businesses can’t escape losses. There are so many analyses, trends, which may leave you confused. Can you trust them? You, however, can trust Vedic Astrology that takes into account ONLY the Planetary Positions, thereby bringing you an entirely unbiased, reliable perspective.

Attuned to the Market…

The stock markets are a volatile world, and so are the economies across the world. The changes in the trends can upset even the best of the strategies. The year gone by saw one of the most landmark years in the recent political history in India. This financial year will now be a test for the new realm, when you will need to be on your toes all the time. And, if you know how the things will pan out in future, in advance, you can take appropriate steps to build and safeguard your portfolio.