FortuneMantra Helps You
Succeed in the Stock Market

By providing Trends, Graphs, Critical Days, etc. forecasts for the Stock-Market during FY2019-20

By analysing Your Horoscope and creating a Personalised Strategy for You

By Forecasting Intra-Day Nifty Movements, 1 week in Advance

By providing Trends, Graphs, Critical Days, etc. forecasts for the Stock-Market during FY2019-20

  • Stock Market
    Predictions Book
  • Daily Speculation
    Potential Report
  • Personalized
  • Weekly Updates
    (Delivered every Saturday)

FortuneMantra in detail

Stock Market Predictions Book

  • 15 Important trading slots with Nifty Trends during FY 2019-20
  • Opening(UP, Down, etc.) for all Trading Days of FY 2019-20
  • High-Low for Nifty & Sensex during FY 2019-20
  • Forecasts for 20 Major Scrips in Nifty 50
  • “Just Like Circuit” trading slots
  • Key Sectors during 2019-20
  • Monthwise overview of NIFTY for FY 2019-20
  • Major Fluctuation Dates(Zero Weightage) for FY 2019-20
  • Important Trading dates: Very Active, Wide Fluctuation, High-Volatility
  • Indian Rupee position during FY 2019-20
  • Predictions & Remedies for all 12 Moonsigns
  • How to invite wealth and manage financial matters for all 12 Moonsigns

Daily Speculation Potential Report

  • Daily Score between +4 (Best) & -4 (Worst). This helps you decide how much risk to take today
  • Play safe on negative days to reduce losses. Be aggressive on positive days for increased profits

Personalised Report

  • Strategy for the FY2019-20
  • Favourable & Unfavourable sectors for You
  • Remedies to boost Your earning potential

Weekly Updates

  • Intra-Day movements of the Nifty starting 9 AM to 3.30 PM for the next week with timing
  • This helps you plan your position in advance for maximum gains

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What our clients say about FortuneMantra

Review by Arunbhai Shah, Mumbai
I am doing Futures & Options in the Stock Market since few years. I use FortuneMantra since last 3 years and am very happy with the accuracy. I combine it with technical view so that my positions are more profitable. FortuneMantra also help me reduce losses by playing safe on negative days.
Review by Anand Parikh, Ahmedabad
FortuneMantra provides daily opening and intraday movement with timing for all trading days. I use it to create my position accordingly. It helps me play with more confidence because of its accuracy and consistency. Timing of change in Nifty trend during the day is very very beneficial.
Review by Venugopal, Bangalore
I am investing and trading in stock markets like many of my friends in the software industry. I reshuffle my portfolio according to FortuneMantra predictions for the major trading slots. I also make good profits by using the forecast for important Scrips in Nifty 50.