The Great Philosopher Valmiki : A sage born out of an anthill

All About Valmiki Jayanti 2020: Date and Celebration

Valmiki Jayanti, also known as Pargat Diwas, marked the birth anniversary of the great ancient Hindu poet of prior era. On this day, Maharishi Valmiki is worshipped as an avatar of God by the members of the Balmiki sect, and all the temples dedicated to the Valmiki are honorably decorated with the flowers across India. The most famous temple is located in Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai and is said to be 1,300 years old. This temple is considered of higher importance as after writing Ramayana, Valmiki rested at the spot and later the temple was constructed. Now the temple stands on the East Coast road named as Valmiki Nagar. 

In India, Valmiki Jayanti is marked as the auspicious day for the Indian Culture and the day is celebrated with great zeal. On this day, people take part in a procession called a Shobas Yatra, or Parade in which people having all faith are dressed in a saffron-coloured with plumes and paper in their hand, and march through the streets of Valmiki territory followed by reverential singing.

This year, the celebration of Valmiki Jayanti has fallen on 31st October as the Valmiki Jayanti date according to Hindu calendar is Ashwin Purnima. 

Ashwin Purnima Tithi Starts at: 05:45 PM on Oct 30, 2020 

Ashwin Purnima Tithi Ends at: 08:18 PM on Oct 31, 2020

Importance of Valmiki jayanti

The day holds a great significance as per the Hindu culture as on this day Valmiki had made an unparalleled contribution to the Indian culture by authoring the great epic book like Ramayana, Mahabharata, and several Puran. He is also one of the characters who received Lord Rama’s wife Sita in his sermon and taught Luv and Kush during his exile. 

The celebrations of Valmiki Jayanti happens to be a tribute to the sage who conquered his limitations and encouraged the masses to stand up against social justice. He also propagated the value of Lord Rama and upheld him as a man of penance. 

Now, we know the importance of Valmiki Jayanti, let’s have a detailed information about rituals to be performed on the day of Valmiki Jayanti.

List of Rituals to be Observed During Valmiki Jayanti: 

  • There are several temples in India dedicated to Maharishi Valmiki where on this auspicious day recitation of Verse from the Ramayana takes place. Hanuman Puja is also performed in many parts of the region. You too can perform Hanuman Puja along with the recitation of Sunderkand at the comforts of your home. To perform accurate Hanuman Puja, Book Pandit Now.
  • In these temples, Kirtans and Bhajans are organized to mark the anniversary of Maharishi Valmiki. 
  • Also, on this day, many devotees distribute foods and clothes to needy people. Performing charity is also considered as a propitious act to honour the Sage. Many devotees also use Rudraksha and wear pearls for spiritual benefits as sages used in the earlier ages for spiritual and physical benefits. 

Valmiki Jayanti observes the birth anniversary of the great author and sage, Maharishi Valmiki. He is the author of a great Hindu epic Ramayana and also revered as the “Adi Kavi” means the first poet of Sanskrit literature. The mention of 24,000 verses that are divided into 7 Kandas (Cantos) in the book of Ramayana made him the subject of honour.

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