Worship Lord Muruga On Vaikasi Visakam To Gain Courage And Victory

The birth anniversary of Lord Muruga is celebrated as Vaikasi Visakam by Tamil devotees. According to the Tamil calendar, Vaikasi Visakam falls on full moon day in the asterism or nakshatra ‘Vishaka’ in the month of Vaikasi. It is the day when Lord Murugan incarnated to destroy the demons. On Vaikasi Visakam, the nakshatra Vishaka coincides with the full moon or Purnima.  

Important Date And Tithi Timings For Vaikasi Visakam 2020

Vaikasi Visakam 2020 Date: 4th June 2020

Sunrise: 6.21 AM

Sunset: 6.13 PM

Visakam Nakshatram Begins: 7.13 PM on 3rd June 2020

Visakam Nakshatram Ends: 5.07 PM on 4th June 2020

About Vaikasi Visakam | Significance of Vaikasi Visakam

Vaikasi Visakam also known as Vaikasi Vishaka is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Murugan. As per the Tamil calendar, Vaikasi is the second solar month and Visakam is sixteenth nakshatra out of twenty-seven nakshatras. Lord Muruga is the younger son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. He is also known as the God of courage, wealth, and wisdom. Lord Senthil, Lord Kumaran, Lord Subramanyam, and Lord Shanmugam are the other names of Lord Murugan.

Lord Muruga was born out of the third eye of Lord Shiva in the form of fierce fire sparkles. Lord Shiva emitted six sparks of fire which were extreme and the intensity of the fire was unbearable even for the  Gods. Thus, the sparks of fire were dunked into the mighty river ‘Saravana Poigai’ to cool down. Each spark was incarnated as a child, who  were raised by ‘Karthigai Pengal’. Goddess Parvati then unified all the children into one single male child. Therefore Lord Murugan has twelve hands and six faces and because of that, he is also known as Lord Arumugam. Due to six faces, Lord Murugan can see in East, West, North, South, Heaven, and Patal simultaneously. Additionally, the six faces of Lord Muruga stand for creation, preservation, destruction, involution, supreme grace, and wisdom.

Lord Muruga is a manifestation of charm, grace, power, devotion, and benevolence. Furthermore, Lord Muruga is described as highly intellectual in Skanda Purana, it also describes how Lord Murugan explained the meaning of ‘Pranava Mantra’ to Lord Shiva.

Astrological Significance Of Vaikasi Visakam

If Mars is unfavourably  placed in the birth chart or if the native has  a Manglik dosha or Kuja dosha, they should worship Lord Muruga to reduce the malefic effect of planet Mars. One  can consult our astrologers to know personalized rituals to be performed to worship Lord Muruga and also learn about the remedies for Mangal Dosha.

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Vaikasi Visakam Story

As per the legend, once the Asuras namely, Surapadma, Tarakasura, and Singamugha did hard penance to get the boon from Lord Shiva. As a result of hard penance, they gained enormous power and boon that only a special force born out of Lord Shiva can destroy the evil Asuras. Asuras misused the power and enslaved Gods for ages. Then, Lord Muruga was mainly incarnated with the help of fire sparks from the third eye of Lord Shiva to destroy the evil Asuras. Lord Muruga also received the weapon ‘Vel’ from his mother which will help him to destroy evil and protect people against any odds of life. Lord Murugan destroyed the evil Asuras and established dharma.

Vaikasi Visakam Rituals

Devotees wake up early in the morning and get ready to worship Lord Muruga. They also observe fast on the day of Vaikasi Vikasam and avoid eating spicy food. They only eat fruits and milk items. Furthermore, devotees go to the temple early in the morning to witness special puja and to participate in all special rituals. They often carry milk pots known as ‘Pal Kudam’ to perform Abishakam. Pal Abhishekam or divine bath with milk is performed to get the blessings of Lord Muruga. Abhishekam holds a special place and is an important ritual of Vaikasi Vikasam. Many devotees would also walk a long distance from their home to the temple. Then, the temple chariot is taken in a grand procession on the streets along with devotees.

Many temples hold the 10-day Brahmotsavam festival on Vaikasi Visakam. Special puja, homas, arti, and abhishekam are also done at home. The divine wedding of Muruga to Vali is also conducted on this day in temples. It is believed that it is very auspicious to conduct or see this wedding as it solves all marriage related problems. The entire day of Vaikasi Vikasam is filled with special mantras chanting, singing hymns to praise Lord, moreover, special offerings of honey, milk, fruits along with the cooked delicacies are offered as a tribute to Lord Muruga. After performing special homa and aarti, prasadam is distributed among devotees. Thus, it is the day celebrated with full enthusiasm and zeal by the devotees.

Vaikasi Visakam Benefits

  • Lord Muruga protects the devotees against the malefic effects and removes all the obstacles from their life.
  • Restores happiness and ensures positivity among the family.
  • By worshipping Lord Muruga on Vaikasi Visakam brings peace and harmony in married life.
  • Lord Muruga shows the right direction and solves all the confusion.


Lord Muruga is an immaculate power source and worshipping him on Vaikasi Visakam will bestow you with health, wealth, happiness, and prosperity. Lord Muruga will help you to discard all the negative energy from your way. Moreover, Lord Muruga is the symbol of knowledge and power. Praying to him on this day will relieve you from past sins and grant purification. By praying to Lord Muruga on the day of Vaikasi Visakam with full dedication, you are likely to gain courage, victory, and divine protection from negativity. Ganesha wishes you a very Happy Vaikasi Vikasam.

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