The Panets That The Nine Avatars of Durga Control

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Spirituality and Astrology, both are important & inter-related. In fact, there is a strong connection that the religious & spiritual deities have with each of the 9 planets. Navratri festival is dedicated to the nine forms of Goddess Durga. Well, you may be surprised to know that these 9 forms correspond to the 9 planets in Indian vedic astrology. Read on this article, to know which form of the mighty Goddess represents which planet:                 


If you worship Devi Shailputri, you may please The Sun.   

If you worship Devi Brahmacharini, you may please Planet Saturn

If you worship Devi Chandraghanta, you may please Planet Moon

If you worship Devi Kushmanda, you may please Planet Jupiter.  

If you worship Devi Skandamata, you may please Planet Mars

If you worship Devi Katyayani, you may please Planet Venus

If you worship Devi Kalratri, you may please Planet Rahu

If you worship Devi Maha Gauri, you may please Planet Mercury

If you worship Devi Siddhi Datri, you may please Planet Ketu  

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Maha Navratri Remedies of Life by Ganesha 

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The idols of Goddess Durga should be immersed to get rid of various problems. The idols of different substances hold respective significance.   


  • The gold-coated Durga idol should be immersed in the river to pacify Jupiter and Mercury. 
  • The silver idol of Durga should be immersed to pacify the Moon and Venus.  
  • The earthen idol of Durga should be immersed to solve the adverse effect of Mars.
  • The iron idol is immersed to pacify Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.


You can utter the following Goddess Durga Mantra this festival to pacify the planets altogether:  “Om Hreem Dum Durgayei Namah”

Well, do you know this Mantra can attract eight kinds of cosmic energy transmitting through eight planets.      

Let’s split up this mantra into different parts and figures, to which different planets are associated.


Om” will please the Sun. It will provide you with energy and positivity.

Hreem” will please the Moon. Things happening in your mind can be recognized by this chanting.

Dum” will kindle Mars. It will power you with strength and courage.  

Dur” will activate Mercury. It will endow you with intellect.

Ga” will dynamise Jupiter. It will increase your knowledge, spirituality, wealth.

Yei” will strengthen Venus. It will help you heighten overall happiness.

Na” will please Saturn. 

Mah” will please Rahu and Ketu.


With Ganesha's Grace, 
The Team  

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