Know about the Father's day celebration and meaning

The world is living in a digital era where technology and gadgets such as mobile phones, computers, the internet, and social media platforms have a deep influence on how we celebrate various festivals and other special days. One such significant day that is celebrated across the world is Father's day. Children have been habituated with posting beautiful statuses, messages, and childhood images to cherish the time they spent with their father. This year, the date on which Father's day will be celebrated in India is 21st June 2020. So, what is the true meaning and history behind Father's Day celebration? Let's find out. 

Father's Day Meaning 

Father's day is celebrated with glory and fever in the honor of fathers, father-like figures, and paternal relations across the globe. Just like Mother's day, this day is also observed in a similar fashion. People present their fathers with lots of good wishes, gifts & cards to showcase their love and affection to them.

Father's Day Celebrations and Activities 

In order to make the day memorable for fathers, individuals, especially children, present their father with gifts like electronic gadgets, sports gears or fitness kits, video games, smart-watches, grooming kits, and the likes. Items such as coffee mugs or t-shirts with a heart-filled personalized message, sunglasses, necktie, wallet, and books are also some common gifts given on Father's day. Children also take their father to a dinner treat or an outing to spend some quality time together.

Significance and History of Father's Day

In the most significant sense, the acts of dedicating special days to fathers and father figures or personalities, since the ancient times, have been revered and prevalent in many cultures and religions. In some countries of Europe, Saint Joseph's day is celebrated as Father's day. This is specifically followed in Italy, Spain, Portugal, and several other countries. 

However, the current version of Father's Day was first celebrated because of the efforts of an American native woman, Sonora Smart Dodd, on 19th June 1910. Her father was an American Civil War veteran and also a widower. He raised six children single-handedly. Dodd took inspiration from the Mother's Day celebration once. She then started campaigning with a view to establish a holiday in the honor of the fathers. The first Father's Day celebration was observed in a church in Spokane, Washington. Since then, it gradually became a special day event in America and continues being celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year.

Happy Father's Day! 

This day is dedicated to the numerous sacrifices made by all fathers, grandfathers, and forefathers. Although a father's love is often not expressed, it has no boundaries. It gives strength and imparts values in their children. This day is an opportunity for the children to express their love and care towards their fathers. It is a fact that fathers are reserved mostly due to the fact that they fail to vocalize their love to their children. They are unable to display or express their love, hence, this day is an opportunity to give your father a lot of affection, love, and care.

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