10 Feng Shui Tips to Boost Your Luck in the New Year

We all want good health, peace of mind, happiness and contentment in our lives. Without good health, we won’t be able to enjoy life to its fullest, even if we have all the other material possessions. Health is the biggest wealth, one requires to enjoy life to its core. Regular physical and mental exercises are imperative to keep both body and mind in good shape. And, so is eating a balanced and healthy diet. But, what is also very important is to remain positive and forward looking. Well, in today’s turbulent times, the latter is not very easy. So, it is imperative to invest your faith in something you truly practice and believe in. After all, it is only humane to find solace in little things and gestures of life, which you can somehow relate to and also find peace in. Such is the magic of little good luck charms, which Feng Shui has aplenty. Here we enlist 10 of the most popular, and if you believe us, very workable and useful, Feng Shui tips that can help you bring in a beautiful, happy New Year 2015.


1. Free Your Home From All Negative Energies

Feng Shui experts suggest cleaning of your home before the New Year. Suppose, you can’t clean your entire home, at the very minimum, clean your kitchen completely – as your kitchen area signifies (1) Well Being, (2) Contentment and (3) Happiness – the three most important blessings that you really need not only for the New Year but also for rest of the years of your life.

Practically, good Feng Shui for the New Year means:

A home should –

  • Be totally clean from the inside as well as from the outside.
  • Be ready to welcome all the new things and celebrate all upcoming events.
  • Reflect positive mood and energy.

Thus, you need to be mindful of the energy that is existing in your home. In case, you aren’t happy with the events that is taking place in your life, you need to start by creating or bringing in the desired positive energy into your home.

2. Move 27 Objects with the Intention of Bringing Luck in the New Year

As per Feng Shui experts, you need to move exactly 27 objects in and around your home on the New Year’s Day with the intention of bringing good luck. This will boost your chances of attracting good luck from every imaginable directions. You may be inclined to believe that moving 27 objects is a tedious job. It is not that you need to make big changes, the small changes that you can do such as moving your sugar tin and coffee tin to different places or in place of each other shall also be counted. So, try to move objects that are easy to move and change their original places.

3. Get 27 Brand New 50/100/500 or 1000 Currency [Indian Rupee] Notes/ Bills From Your Bank

Feng Shui experts suggest cleaning of your home before the New Year. Suppose, you can’t clean your entire home, at the very minimum, clean your kitchen completely – as your kitchen area signifies (1) Well Being, (2) Contentment and (3) Happiness – the three most important blessings that you really need not only for the New Year but also for rest of the years of your life.

Well before the New Year Day, go to your Bank and withdraw 27 Brand New Indian Rupee Notes (clearly request the bank staff to provide brand new Indian currency rupee notes). As per your capability – you may withdraw paper money in any one of the below denominations:

  • 50 Rupee Notes
  • 100 Rupee Notes
  • 500 Rupee Notes
  • 1000 Rupee Notes

And keep these brand new Indian Rupee notes inside your wallet. Don’t forget to remove all other old currency paper money and coins from your wallet and keep them aside somewhere else or you may donate them to beggars outside the temple if you wish so.

Kindly Note: If you live in the US, you can get Dollar bills and like wise for any other country – you may get the particular local currency paper money and in the denomination that is available to you. The only thing to keep in mind is that you need to withdraw exactly 27 bills or currency notes.

Now, get some ginger power and put some on your wallet’s inside and outside area specifically where the paper money are kept. Ginger being a stimulant, shall attract new sources of income for you.

4. Memorise ‘these’ important words to utter on the New Year Day

Before the New Year Day, prepare a short speech or words that you may utter on the New Year Day when meeting and greeting people. Be mindful to speak the words that will bring in health, happiness and success to you and your family. So, you may memorise the following words so that you can use it to wish the people you meet on the New Year Day:

“Wishing you Health, Happiness and Success”

In case, you don’t meet anybody on the New Year’s Day, you may just grab your cell phone and call your friends or close relatives and speak out the above words and wish them from the bottom of your heart. Suppose, you visit your close relatives or friends, don’t forget to greet them with the above words. The more you utter those words on the New Year Day by wishing as many people you can, the more luck you attract to create those very things for yourself in the New Year and beyond.

5. Produce Great Sound

Use your stereo to play your favourite music or song and maximise its sound effect to the highest level possible (Devotional music or songs are recommended for this specific purpose). Big sounds are believed to scare away evil influences. Even if you can do it for some minutes – that’s okay. Your neighbours may complain, but you shall be sitting peacefully.

6. Attract Love

Are you single and desperately searching for the love of your life? To boost your luck to find true love, you need to try to absorb more western energy. Watch sunset at least thrice a week and make it a habit. Fill your heart with hope and mind with positive energy, and you may soon attract love in your life and thus, shall tie the sacred knot of marriage.

7. Place Nine Oranges in a Bowl

As oranges appear like the Sun – they stand for bringing in positive and life giving energy. On 1st January, fill a bowl with total 9 oranges and place it in your kitchen bench-top or island or table – in order to attract positive and life giving energy to your kitchen and home.

8. Attract A New Job

If you are among the ones who are looking out for a new job, but with little or no luck. Don’t delay any longer, straight away raid your home and gather 27 items that you don’t use at all and donate it to the needy out there or sell it away. This shall make space in your home to attract new things into your life. This shall also affect your body, and you may lose that extra fat from your body and feel lot lighter provided you also regularly exercise by brisk walking, running, cycling or swimming.

9. Fill Your Sugar Tin

Go to your kitchen, take that sugar tin out and fill it completely. This will enable you to enjoy all the good fortune that may come your way all through the months of the New Year.

10. Drain Away all Negative Energies

If you want to improve your relationships with your spouse, family members, close relatives, friends and colleagues at your workplace, do this simple task:

Take sea salt and sprinkle around the interior borders of your home. Allow the sea salt to stand there over night, and on the next day, collect it into a waste bag container. As you collect the sea salt from the borders of your home and into the waste bag container, imagine yourself to be a new being altogether dumping off (all your) negative energy into that waste bag container and feel strongly of starting a healthier and happier life.

GaneshaSpeaks wishes you and your loved ones with Health, Happiness and Success for the New Year and beyond!

20 Feb 2015


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