Snake Horoscope 2019

Snake Horoscope 2019 Predictions For Year Of The Pig Chinese Zodiac

Chinese Zodiac Snake 2019 Horoscope vs. the 2019 Year of Pig

2019 is the Year of Brown Pig. You were born in the Year of Snake. The following is the Brown Pig year forecast for people born in the year of Snake.

Snake has to patiently undergo continuous work pressures when it meets Pig.

Snake Horoscope 2019 for Career

Career: Snake is Fire and your career is signified by Water which is in turn Pig. You will receive many career opportunities due to Pig. As there is a disputed relationship with Snake and Pig, you will be under a lot of stress. Snake comprises of Male Earth which generally signifies, mountain, a tall wall or dry soil which can stop water which signifies that you will be capable enough to take up any challenge. Pig also comprises of Male Wood. Wood is the mother component of Fire and Pig remains protective for Snake. It indicates that you will go under training and education at work. The competitive surroundings will enable you to gain a lot of precious experience as per snake 2019 horoscope.

Snake Horoscope 2019 for Job

Job Change: It is advisable to skip the chance if any company approaches you with a new job offer and remain stable with the current job. You will undergo a lot of unexpected stress if you take the new job proposal and you will be asked to challenge it for some time being. Or else it is suggested to postpone the initiation of the new proposal.

Snake Horoscope 2019 for Wealth

Wealth: Fire gets frightened of metal. Your money is signified by metal. Pig zodiac sign comprises of Water and Wood excluding Metal which indicates that pig won’t be responsible for bringing fortune to you in matters related to wealth. It is possible that during the period of Pig, you will be unclear in making decisions regarding money management as per 2019 snake horoscope. To be protected from this, you need to divert your investments to conservative items. You will have a steady income as you have good luck in career in 2019.

Snake Horoscope 2019 for Love

Love: Pig comprises of Water and Wood. Your boyfriend or husband is signified by Water if you are a lady. You will have good chances of finding your perfect match if you are a single female. Your girlfriend or wife is represented by metal if you are a male. However, you will require more time to find your soulmate if you are a single gentleman. Snake and Pig share a disruptive relationship and will have trust issues which denote that there won’t be peace in your love relationship. You can ask for the company to people born in the year of the Horse chinese zodiac if you are uncomfortable at social gatherings because it will help you to create a peaceful environment for you according to snake 2019 horoscope. It is advisable to avoid disputes and remain patient with your lover if you are a male who is in love. If you are a female in love, then it is noted that you will have a solid love relationship. If you are married, you and your partner need to maintain a warm relationship, share household work and respect each other.

Snake Horoscope 2019 for Relationship

Social Circle: You won’t be having good social relationships due to Pig. You don’t like to discuss unknown topics in the group and will naturally feel stress. It is better to avoid arguments with people having a difference in interests and opinions otherwise you will create your own bad reputation due to Pig. It is suggested to respect, listen and learn people’s background and culture to have a successful social network as per snake 2019 chinese horoscope. You will be able to develop optimistic and healthy relationships if you are able to find out the strength to open your heart.

Quarrel: Boar and Snake Compatibility have a disruptive relationship. It is likely that you get into disputes if you meet someone whom you don’t like. It is advisable to make peace with your rival at the earliest as there are fewer chances that you will win the case if you have a dispute, argument or lawsuit with someone. However, people born in the Horse year can act as your mediators.

Snake Horoscope 2019 for Health

Wellbeing: Your health will deteriorate if your job keeps you under a lot of stress. You need to take care while driving and avoid accidents. You need to take care of your kidneys, bladder and urinary system if there is excessive water in your birth chart. You should indulge in more outdoor activities in broad daylight such as visiting lawns or forests which will help you to maintain a healthy body.


General Fortune: It is possible that things won’t happen as per expected if year of the Snake chinese zodiac meets Pig. You will be compelled to take assistance from people born in the Horse year or use your own intelligence to solve the issue.

With Ganesha’s Grace,

The Team

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