Rabbit Horoscope 2019

Rabbit Horoscope 2019 Predictions For Year Of The Pig Chinese Zodiac

Chinese Zodiac Rabbit 2019 Predictions vs. the 2019 Year of Pig

2019 is the Year of Brown Pig. You were born in the Year of Rabbit. The following is the Brown Pig year forecast for people born in the year of the Rabbit.

Rabbit might feel burdened by Pig as it is showered by a lot of care, love and gifts which will refrain this animal sign to run away as per Rabbit horoscope 2019.

Rabbit Career Horoscope 2019

Career: Rabbit is Female Wood and Wood can be chopped and defeated by Metal as it pressurizes Wood. Your career is signified by Metal. Pig comprises of Water and Wood excluding Metal which Chinese 2019 Rabbit horoscope suggests that Rabbit will be able to achieve a benchmark in his career development after a lot of time. Pig is associated with your parents, elders, seniors or your teachers which will guide you towards future possibilities and help you in shaping up your career. However, your job won’t put many pressures on you and you will always be assisted by someone at work in solving your problems or issues. You will be faced with serious pressure when you will find your seniors guiding you for your future endeavors. As per Rabbit 2019 horoscope, It is suggested to build your career network with colleagues, project team member, same age friends and social media professional groups. You can also relocate your city if you get a good career opportunity.

Rabbit Job Horoscope 2019

Job Change: You will be having ample choices if your promotion or other job opportunities but you need to take care of some strong competitor in the new workplace as per Rabbit 2019 horoscope. You need to analyze whether you will be able to deal with the pressure which your new boss will exert on you so only take up the job if you are ready to accept the challenge. Career of Rabbit horoscope is signified by Metal and Pig doesn’t comprise of Metal so you need to understand that you are not having the required fortune in your career currently. It is advisable to skip the opportunity if you are not ready for it.

Rabbit Wealth Horoscope 2019

Wealth: Wood can win over Earth as trees grow on the surface of Earth. Your wealth is signified by Earth. Pig comprises of Water and Wood excluding Earth which indicates that you won’t be having luck in wealth gaining. You will be required to take someone’s help if you want to be successful in your life. It is suggested in 2019 Rabbit horoscope to take business advice from people born in the year of the Snake. Snake comprises of Earth and Fire and Fire shares a motherly bond with Earth making it more powerful. Earth is the money to Rabbit hence, Snake can help you in acquiring wealth.

Rabbit Love Horoscope 2019

Love: Rabbit zodiac sign is a part of the Wood group. Your girlfriend or wife is signified by Earth if you are a male and your boyfriend or husband is signified by Metal if you are a female. If you are single, you will need a lot of time to find your soulmate because Pig comprises of Water and Wood excluding Earth and Metal. You will be able to meet your soulmate through elders who are concerned about you. However, you need to choose your partner wisely as you may feel stress if the partner is not compatible with you. Read about Chinese compatibility to know best Chinese zodiac for you. If you have already met your partner it is likely that your lover will care more about your relationship and will love to spend more time with you which will help you in experiencing peace in your love relationship. And likewise, your spouse will spend more time towards marriage life if you are married. As per Rabbit horoscope 2019, It is suggested that you should learn to express your appreciation is someone is caring and is concerned for you.

Rabbit Relationship Horoscope 2019

Social Circle: Your parents, teachers, friends, colleagues, supporters or same age relatives are associated to Water of Pig and Wood of Pig which reveals that you will be cared by many people around you and you will take part in maximum social activities. You will be able to build a good social network for your career development and business achievements as you will be having a pretty decent people relationships as per your Rabbit 2019 horoscope.

Quarrel: Rabbit possesses calm nature and avoids getting into arguments with others. It is advisable for Rabbit to avoid arguments with Pig as it will be easily proved an underdog. According to Rabbit 2019 horoscope, you should strive to make peace with your rivals if you have a dispute, argument or lawsuit with someone as you experience a lot of financial losses because of not able to win the case.

Rabbit Health Horoscope 2019

Health: During the period of Pig Chinese horoscope 2019, you will take good care of your body. Pig is the cold water in winter and it’s too cold for rabbit’s grass which will compel you to have sunshine to keep you full of energy. Outdoor activities like hiking, walking, jogging, sunbathing, cycling, picnic, gardening, bird-watching, fruit picking and playing ball should be carried out more. You need to take care of your kidneys, bladder and the urinary system if there is excessive water in your birth chart.


General Fortune: Rabbit 2019 year of the pig, your lifestyle will be enhanced due to Pig. You will require self-improvement, self-confidence, independence and your own network relationship to succeed in your life goals.

With Ganesha’s Grace,

The GaneshaSpeaks.com Team

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