Monkey Horoscope 2019

Monkey Horoscope 2019 Predictions For Year Of The Pig Chinese Zodiac

Chinese Zodiac Monkey 2019 Predictions vs. the 2019 Year of Pig

2019 is the Year of Brown Pig. You were born in the Year of Monkey. The following is the Brown Pig year forecast for people born in the year of Monkey.

There is an indication of strong storm rain on the river which will cause floods and hence people’s assets will get destroyed, when Monkey meets Pig in 2019.

Monkey Career Horoscope 2019 Predictions

Career: Monkey is a member of the Metal group and Metal is afraid of Fire which further signifies your profession. Pig comprises of Water and Wood excluding Fire which senses that you may not experience many alterations in your career and it is less likely that you will be approached with a promotion. As per Monkey 2019 Chinese horoscope, Your income is signified by Woof of Pig while your communication skills, job performance and behaviour are signified by Water of Pig. In order to earn wealth, it is likely that you will work hard. You will be able to showcase your skills and talents with the help of opportunities brought by Pig. It is advisable for the career development that you keep learning new things and keep yourself updated for future opportunities as it is noted that you can sharpen your learning, training and education job skills in this time.

Monkey Job Horoscope 2019

Job Change: According to Monkey Prediction 2019, your career is signified by Fire and Pig doesn’t contain Fire which indicates that you won’t be having a great fortune with your career. It is advisable to skip the opportunity of a new job or promotion in this time and stay on the current job to gain more relevant experience. If you go ahead and accept the new job then in order to win appreciation and recognition from others, you will have to make a lot of efforts in your performance.

Monkey Wealth Horoscope 2019

Wealth: Wood can be defeated by Metal. Your wealth is signified by Wood. Pig comprises of Male Wood which in turn brings you a lot of wealth opportunities. As Metal is the mother element of Water and Water is the mother element of Wood, it is noted that you can develop your own wealth-generating chances by using your creativity, skills, imagination and hard work. It is evident that Metal assists Water which in turn is responsible for the growth of Wood. Hence, fortune favours more hard working people when it comes to earning wealth. But you need to take care of investing your money and avoid risks as it may bring you losses.

Monkey Love Horoscope 2019 Forecast

Love: As per Chinese Horoscope 2019 Predictions, Monkey’s Metal is the mother element of Pig’s Water hence you will take care of the Pig but Pig won’t be able to understand your love. It is advisable to learn about the interests and hobbies of Pig in order to achieve a happier relationship with him as Pig like to concentrate only on its favourite subjects. Your husband or boyfriend is signified by Fire if you are a female. Pig comprises of Water and Wood excluding Fire. You will require more time in searching for your perfect match if you are a single lady. You can also try your luck with younger gentlemen as they might emerge as your soulmate. Your wife or girlfriend is signified by Wood if you are a male. You will be able to find your soulmate easily if you are a single gentleman. You will be able to find your soulmate if you care for other people’s interests, show your concern and attend social gatherings. However, it is suggested that you show more care towards your partner if you are in love and don’t rush into your marriage and give more time to build up a healthy relationship. You will be able to concentrate on issues of family financial status if you are married while your better half will concentrate on your relationship with children and your image outside your home.

Monkey Relationship Horoscope 2019

Social Circle: When Water and Wood are inside Pig, they are ‘male” and Metal, Earth and Water inside Monkey are ‘Male”. Monkey and Pig are not able to attract each other as their wavelengths do not match. Activeness, getting offended and being a rebel are personality traits of Pig while Monkey is irritable, curious, wily, naughty and impatient but both of them share qualities of being aggressive, ambitious and egoistic and it is possible that they hurt each other accidentally. Monkey 2019 year of the pig, It is suggested for Monkey to listen to other people’s feedbacks with patience. You should not give negative feedback to people and force or else you will develop a bad reputation of yours due to Pig.

Quarrel: It noted that someone might get harmed unintentionally when Monkey and Pig are together. You will not be able to win the case if you are indulged in an argument, dispute or lawsuit with someone hence it is advisable to struggle for peace with your rivals. However, you will either be faced with a prison term or a large monetary loss if you decide to fight till the end. People born in the year of Rabbit will help you to solve your disputes as Rabbit and Pig share attractive relationships with Wood. As Wood of Rabbit and Metal of Monkey share an attractive bond with Metal, Rabbit is well aware of how to make peace between Monkey and Pig.

Monkey Health Horoscope 2019

Health: Pig will make you extremely tired as it is associated with rain storm so it is advisable to save enough money for busy activities. Pig is a part of the Water group which is cold and destructive. You need to take care of your kidneys, bladder and the urinary system if there is excessive water in your birth chart. In order to keep yourself rejuvenated, it is suggested that you indulge in activities like hiking, jogging, cycling, sunbathing or gardening. It is suggested to take care of your heart, blood and the cardiovascular system as Fire is unfavourable under rain storm.


General Fortune: Overall, As Monkey 2019 Chinese horoscope, It is advisable to be more grounded and remains humble and modest when Monkey meets Pig. It is suggested to keep financial investments conservative and wise by continuously learning profitable skills and waiting for the right time to come to you.

With Ganesha’s Grace,

The Team

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