Pravinder Sheoran

Pravinder Sheoran


Predicting the probable outcomes of upcoming major-periods and sub-periods in a birthchart. Predicting the favorable times for key events like marriage, child-birth, employment, business, travels and fulfillment of desires etc. Correction of wrong birth-times through efficient BTR techniques. Horoscope matching for marriage, Suitable career field advice, Predicting about unfavorable periods and suggesting remedies for the same. Answering questions about future through horary charts and KP numbers.


Apart from the sound knowledge of the traditional Indian Astrology (Vedic Astrology), my expertise lies in KP, the Nakshtra System of Astrology; which has its deep roots going as back as the earliest of the ancient times and is considered very accurate. I have learnt KP from a great KP master of India, Shri Krishna Kumar Bagri Ji and through his blessings, I am a part of the Guru-Shishya lineage that started with the hon’ble founder of KP system itself, Shri KS Krishnamurthy Ji. I have a long list of people whom I have helped with my predictions, advising them about the favorable or unfavorable times ahead, helping them choose proper study and career fields etc


I was born in a small village in northern India, and from there I went through an interesting journey which made me complete MBA from the top business school at Sydney, Australia; after completing my Engineering studies from India. My maternal grandfather was a good practitioner of Astrology and Ayurveda, and inspired by him I was drawn to Astrology since early childhood. While predicting for my friends and family side by side, I kept on collecting rarest books and finishing advanced studies in Astrology. I was lucky to become an Astrologer at a very young age, and have helped several people through my predictions since then.


10 years


Traditional Indian Astrology (Vedic Astrology), Krishnamurthy Padhatti (KP Nakshtra System), Lal Kitab remedies.


I love reading ancient history books, especially pertaining to Vedic times. I have deep interest in Rigved from historical point of view. Apart from Astrology books, I love reading about Ayurveda too.


Astrology is my deep passion. It not only thrills me but also defines me; so choosing Astrology as my career was a natural choice. There is immense satisfaction in a career field which is not only one’s first love but also a great opportunity to help people.

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