Vaibhav Kundra

Vaibhav Kundra


Mr. Vaibhav Kundra, has a consistent record of predicting events accurately. He is known for doing in-depth analysis, which involve predicting through the composite techniques of Parashari, Jaimini and Nadi astrology. He has made a remarkable progress in applying several Dasha systems, and pin-pointing events through Varshphala and transits.


Mr. Vaibhav is a Jyotish Alankar and Jyotish Acharya, from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, one of the premier Astrology Institute in the world. In the past 15 years, Mr. Vaibhav has spent most of the time doing research and innovating new methodologies, in preserving the knowledge of this divine science. He has won many accolades, and also teaches Astrology to several Astrology lovers. He also has command in various other mystical sciences, including Vaastu, palmistry, numerology and others. However, astrology has always remained his forte. He has also been writing several articles and have got many testimonials in his kitty. Through his successful predictions, Mr. Vaibhav has changed life for lots of people, and now they are leading healthy, wealthy and a better life.


Mr. Vaibhav has an inherent interest in this subject since childhood. The quest of reaching unknown, has also motivated him to explore more and more and reach new heights in the field of Astrology.


15 years


Expertise in predicting accurately events of Marriage, Match-Making, Child Birth, Career, Health, and Muhurat. His remedies have helped numerous clients worldwide.


Teaching Astrology, reading books on Astrology, Spirituality.


He has always believed that it is only the God's grace that has brought him so far in this subject. His main objective in life is to guide more and more people to the right direction, and solve their problems, wherever possible. It gives him immense satisfaction, when his clients call back, and thank for their past predictions. It feels like he has achieved something in life.

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