Sundeep Kataria

Sundeep Kataria


With more than 20 years of experience with large and well-known companies in the corporate world, and an equally impressive expertise in reading the future, through Vedic Astrology (along with other methods such as Palmistry, Tarot for reconfirming) Sundeep Kataria is indeed an exceptional personality.


Author of three successful books HOROSCOPE 2010 and HOROSCOPE 2011 (published by HIND POCKET BOOKS - the leading publisher in India) and WORLD GREAT YOGA & MEDITATION GURUS. Sundeep Kataria is consulted by people of various age groups, and professional backgrounds. Doctors, Chartered Accountants, CEOs, Business Owners, Management Consultants, Software Engineers, Sports Professionals, Educationists, Students, Housewives, Senior Citizens and even Healers resort to him


Born in a family of highly qualified and successful professionals, Sundeep Kataria has several firsts to his honor. He is a practicing Management Consultant, advising many well known and large corporates as well as individuals. While doing Astro predictions, he blends his knowledge of Business Management, Human Resource, International Trade and Finance with Human Psychology, Career Counseling, to make his readings contemporary, easy to understand, and follow for the 21st century people in world. His motive is to make astrology a respectable, scientific, simple and useful tool for guidance for individuals as well as for the organizations. This can make them choose and work towards the right direction to get better returns on their efforts.


14 years


Vedic Astrology, Palmistry, Tarot, Feng Shui, Reiki and Pranic Healing.


Astrology, Palmistry, Face Reading, Writing and Reading books, Observing Human Behavior, Working on and Studying New Developments on the subjects of .Power of Subconscious Mind.Tools of Success.


My deep interest and constant research in the area of Self Empowerment, Self Development and Human Psychology Human inspired me to study various subjects and sciences. The depth of knowledge and remarkable predictive techniques available in Vedic astrology made me choose astrology as my career.

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