Ritesh Kumar

Ritesh Kumar


Rectification of wrong birth-time, Match making and Kundali matching, Advice on picking stocks using astrology, Career guidance, Corporate and Business advice basis the favorable time period of the native's life.


Very humbly I would like state that within the very short period of time, since I have been practising astrology, I am able to pinpoint the events of a person's life correctly.


I hold a Post Graduation degree in Finance. I have been working as a successful professional in the equity capital market for past 5 years. I have also worked as a Fund manager with a leading Mutual fund in India. Numbers have always fascinated me. This very interest in numbers made me delve deeper into the divine science of astrology and numerology.


15 years


Vedic astrology, KP Astrology, Financial Astrology & Chaldean Numerology


I am an avid reader of the myriad literature realted to astrology and spirituality.


I have always believed in destiny and fate. And, the search of destiny has taught me the great divine science of astrology. As a practising astrology professional, besides other things, I will get an opportunity to work for the area I have always loved. My inspiration, mu guru, also belongs to this area, and he has always motivated me to study further on this arcane science.

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