Jyothish Ratna R.sakuntala

Jyothish Ratna R.sakuntala


I do the astro counseling with the end objective to be achieved by the querant.


In recognition of my meritorious service to the cause of astrology I have been awarded the title of Jyothisha Ratna which means an invaluable gem in Astrology.


After considerable research in traditional astrology I have come up with my own unique formulae for each individual.


16 years


Children (including baby names), education, business/career, marriage, wealth report, stock market, business names/logos, health, astro remedies, muhurta, yearly forecast


Home interior, gardening


I come from a family of Sanskrit scholars of South India who were doing the prescribed homas and were well versed in vedic astrology. The family tradition caught on with me and I became deeply interested in astrology as a profession.

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