Bhaskar Jyotish

Bhaskar Jyotish


Rectification of wrong Birth times. Matching of charts after the Traditional Guna Dosha matching has been done. Advising big Players in Stock Markets which stocks to pick and which ones to leave.Advising students as to which stream of higher education they must pursue. Advising Business men as to which periods are fertile for them to bring in superior financial gains, and which periods they must avoid.


Proficiency in Nakshatra Jyotish, the most ancient system of prognosis in India.Earnt the title of "Jyotish Nakshatra Ratna" from the foremost KP Master of India.Felcicitated by Yahoo India, twice for work done in the area of Indian Astrology.Interviewed by CNBC on merit and aired on the National Channel, CNBC,India.Clients  from top segments from all over the world, including Politicians,Film Stars, Industrialists and the Top Business families of India and abroad.Studied Ancient Numerology and Scientific Palmistry, including Dowsing.


Hailing from a business family but interest in astrology was created in early teens  , and started predicting for family and friends. After 25 years of doing free astrolgy predictions my Spiritual Guru asked me to become Professional as he felt that as a Grihasta I should not be spending my major part of the day in social services.


33 years


Indian Traditional  Astrology, KP Nakshatra Padhaty, Lal Kitab


Reading books and literature on  Spirituality, Astrology.


To get an opportunity to work more in the area I love, and also to guide more and more people in their journey of Life.

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