Alka Vijh

Alka Vijh


She can make predictions about anything under the sun, but her expertise and interest lie in the field of career, relationships, health and finance. She has been making accurate predictions for corporate houses. Her command over the dasha system is most remarkable.


She was honoured by Certificates of bible courses in 1978, 1980 and 1981; Gita Rasik and Gita Maraal by Mathura-Vrindavan school of Shri Krishna Janamsthan Seva SansthanShe has done comparative study of different religions and has been awarded a certificate of recognition by World Bible School, US.She was confered with the degree of Jyotish Alankar and Jyotish Acharya. Vijh has done extensive research on effects of Saturn, profession, relationships, finance etc. Jaimini astrology, marital life and astrology are a few of the various fields in which she has done extensive research.She knows the art of making yantras and energising them.She was an associate-director of Reincarnation and Astrological Institute, FBD, India. She was teaching astrology in ASRO. She has been invited to various universities as a guest speaker.


Alka Vijh hails from a family of lawyers, who strictly believe in the theory of Karma. She was introduced to spirituality quite early in her life. Both her parents were inclined towards spirituality and she has imbibed their values. Her father strictly follows the teachings of Srimad Bhagvad Gita, and So the holy text has had an early and decisive influence on her. In fact, she was only 7 years old when she first read Srimad Bhagvad Gita in Sanskrit, although with a broken pronunciation. In her search for the absolute truth, Vrij has since devoted her life to Bhakti and Jnana yoga. A devotee of Shri Krishna, she feels the Lord's holy presence next to her. Since birth she has had evolved spiritual faculties in her possession. Vrij has explored many occult sciences from a very young age, and is an expert in tarot, cartomancy, numerology, phrenology, palm reading, pendulum dowsing, predictions through dominoes and dices etc. She has, however, zeroed down on astrology as the most remarkable and accurate of the lot.Today, she has more than 15 years of a successful career as an astrologer to her credit. Her clientèle comprises people from all parts of the world, including the US, the UK, Singapore, Australia and Dubai.


18 years


Vedic and Western Astrology, Varshaphala (yearly horoscope), Vaastu, Numerology, Healing by gems, yantras, and mantras reiki


Reading spiritual books, writing (has authored several articles and astrological books), music


Her aim is to spread the knowledge of astrology in its true form, and dispel all the superstitions beliefs generally associated with the field.

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