Rajeev K Khattar

Rajeev K Khattar


Using astrology to analyse and solve life's myriad puzzles and problems. Guiding businessmen, industrialists, politicians and film personalities to take right decisions in light of their favourable and unfavourable time periods. Suggesting the luckiest time to start any venture be it when to leave home to take exams, or when to embark on travel abroad, or when to meet a potential client, or when to sign contracts, etc.


He considers the positive changes that he has brought about in the lives of his clients all over the world through the remedies suggested by him, as his biggest achievement. Accurately predicted the winner of the FIFA 2010 final match, and made many other correct predictions posted in various Yahoo astro groups. Blessed by Shankracharya of Badrikashram and honoured by Mr. Giridhar Gomang and Ms. Kiran Bedi.


Pioneer in popularising Lalkitab astrology in south India and Vastu in Mauritius; personal consultant to celebrities, industrialists, politicians and film personalities.


16 years


Muhurata Shastra (lucky time to begin any important task), Lalkitab, legal matters, astro-remedies, stock market astrology, numerology (lucky name spellings of a person/company/film/TV serial), and Vastu. 


Reading books about Astrology and spending time with family.


His interest in astrology began in 1981 after he started reading rare books on the subject left for him by his late grandfather. Encouraged by correct predictions and result-oriented astro-remedies, he became a professional astrologer when he realised that he could serve humanity better through it rather than by assembling machines or building bridges. By practising astrology, he feels closer to God, and simply puts it gives him job satisfaction to see his clients smiling!

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