What is Bhakut Dosh & How to Nullify its Bad Influence

What is Bhakut Dosh & How to Nullify its Bad Influence

In Vedic Astrology, Doshas are nothing but some ill-fated combinations of astrological elements. Today, we are talking about one such complication, Bhatuk Dosh or Bhatook Dosha. A Dosha that is a parameter of compatibility and harmony in a marriage, or the lack of it, can be found during the process of Patrika Matching for the marriage. Here, we are discussing what exactly is a Bhakut Dosh, how it is created with your moon signs, and if you and your partner are affected by it, what are the remedies for it. Without further ado, let’s understand Bhakut Dosh in detail.

What is Bhakut Dosh in Matchmaking?

In the process of Ashtakoota Patrika Matching, eight ‘Koota’, or the aspects are compared for the to-be bride and groom. Each of these Koota is assigned a score, called Guna. Here are Ashtakoota and the assigned values to each Koota.

Koota Guna
Varna 1
Vasya 2
Tara 3
Yoni 4
Grah Maitri 5
Gana 6
Bhakut 7
Nadi 8
Total 36

As we can see, Bhakut is one of the most important Koota in the process of Guna Milan for marriage. Out of 36 Guna, it accounts for 7. We will later understand how Bakut is calculated and scored. For now, it is vital to know that the value of Bhakut is either 0 or 7. If there is a Bhakut Dosh or Bhakoot Dosha found in the Patrika Matching, the value of Bhakut koota will be 0. In case there is no Bhakut Dosha, it will be 7. Since 18 or more Guna Milan is required for an acceptable match, Bhakut plays a very important role in matchmaking.

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How Bhakut Dosha is Calculated?

In Ashtakoota, Bhakut is also called Rashi, because it is calculated based on the moon signs of the to-be bride and groom. It goes without saying that the Moon Sign is the position of the Moon at the time of your birth. Now, with that knowledge, let’s understand how Bhakut Dosha is concluded in Astrology.

  1. Each moon sign is assigned a number as per their chronology in Vedic Astrology. That would account for Aries as 1, Taurus as 2, Gemini as 3, and so on, to Pisces as 12. (similar image with numbers assigned to respective signs, e.g. aries=1, taurus=2, …, pisces=12)
  2. With these numbers, the Bhakut Dosha is believed to have in the pairs of 2-12, 5-9, and 6-8. If to-be bride groom’s moon sign forms these three pairs or inverted forms of these pairs, they are said to have Bhakut Dosha. Now, this may sound confusing. So to simplify it,  let’s take an example.

For example, if to-be groom’s moon sign is Aries, then according to the 2-12 pair, a Taurus bride would create a Bhakut Dosha. How? In the numbering of moon signs above, we can clearly see the Taurus to be the 2nd sign from Aries, and Aries to be the 12th sign from Taurus when counting counterclockwise. Hence, 2-12. Similarly, Aries will create 5-9 Bhakut Dosha with the 5th Sign from its place, which would be Leo. The 6-8 pair with Aries would be Virgo.

  1. For each pair, the reverse pairing is also true. The 12-2 pair will see Pisces being in the 12th place from Aries, and Aries is placed as the 2nd sign to Pisces. By definition, this is a 2-12 pair for Pisces. The 9-5 pair will be made with Sagittarius being the 9th sign from Aries, and Aries being the 5th sign from Sagittarius, which would be a 5-9 pair from Sagittarius’s perspective.
  2. This example tells us that if the to-be bride or groom has a Moon sign of Aries, a partner with Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces Moon sign will create a Bhakut Dosha. Similarly, these positioning and pairings stand true for all Moon signs. Here is a chart that will tell you if the Moon sign of your potential partner will create a Bhakoot Dosha or Not:

If the pair creates Bhakut Dosha, their intersection will read 0, and if they do not create a Bhakut Dosha, their intersection will show 7 Gunas out of 7.

Sign Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces
Aries 7 0 7 7 0 0 7 0 0 7 7 0
Taurus 0 7 0 7 7 0 0 7 0 0 7 7
Gemini 7 0 7 0 7 7 0 0 7 0 0 7
Cancer 7 7 0 7 0 7 7 0 0 7 0 0
Leo 0 7 7 0 7 0 7 7 0 0 7 0
Virgo 0 0 7 7 0 7 0 7 7 0 0 7
Libra 7 0 0 7 7 0 7 0 7 7 0 0
Scorpio 0 7 0 0 7 7 0 7 0 7 7 0
Sagittarius 0 0 7 0 0 7 7 0 7 0 7 7
Capricorn 7 0 0 7 0 0 7 7 0 7 0 7
Aquarius 7 7 0 0 7 0 0 7 7 0 7 0
Pisces 0 7 7 0 0 7 0 0 7 7 0 7

Let’s take one more example here. For example, if a to-be bride or groom has a moon sign of Sagittarius, a partner with Aries (5-9), Taurus (6-8), Cancer (9-5), Leo (8-6), Scorpio (12-2), and Capricorn (2-12) will create a Bhakoot Dosha.

Based on the table above, you can easily find out if your to-be bride or groom is creating a Bhakut Dosha with your moon sign or not. If it doesn’t, then there is no need to worry as you and your partner are safe from Bhakut Dosha. If it does, here is all you need to know about the effects of Bhakut Dosha.

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Cases of Exception

There are some combinations where despite the zero in the above chart, the Bhakoot Dosha is nullified. Those couples can go ahead with their marriage plans without any worries! What are those exceptions? Here we go:

Same Ruling Planet: Each Moon sign is ruled by a planet. If a Bhakut Dosha is created by the Moon signs having the same ruling planet, then Bhakut Dosha is nullified. For example, Bhakoot Dosha will not affect a Scorpio-Aries couple despite them forming a 6-8 pair, since both Moon signs are ruled by Mars.

Pairs with Friendly Planets: Another exception is created when the couple’s moon signs are ruled by the planets that are friendly towards each other. For example, a Scorpio-Pisces couple will not face the ill effects of Bhakut Dosha since Scorpio is ruled by Mars, and Pisces is ruled by Jupiter. Both planets are friendly towards each other, thus nullifying the Dosh.

However, it is important to note here that both the planets have to be friendly towards each other to nullify the effects of the Dosha. In the case of Leo-Virgo, Mercury is friendly towards the Sun, but the Sun is neutral towards Mercury. Therefore, Bhakoot Dosha will be present there.

Exceptions in 5-9 Pair allows Pisces-Cancer, Virgo-Capricorn, Gemini-Aquarius, and Scorpio-Cancer couples to get married without the ill-effects of the Dosha.

It is also important to note that even with these exceptions if the moon signs follow 2-12, 5-9, 6-8, 8-6, 9-5, and 12-2 rule, they are considered as 0 in the Ashtakoota Guna Milan. The couple will not face the malefic-effects of Bhakoot Dosha, but the value of 7 will not be considered in Guna Milan.

Now that we know how Bhakut Dosha is calculated, and when it is nullified, let’s find out its effects.

Types of Bhakoot Dosha and its Effects

Based on the pairings that we have mentioned before, there are three types of Bhakut Dosha. The classification is nothing but the pairings of the Moon sign placements, and how they bring different adversities based on that pair.

  • Dwi-Dwadash (2-12 or 12-2) Bhakut Dosh

As the name suggests, it is a pairing of Moon signs placed 2nd and 12th positions from each other. It is believed to bring problems related to finance in the marriage.

  • Navam-Pancham (9-5 or 5-9) Bhakut Dosh

Created by the Moon signs positioned 5th and 9th from each other, Navam-Pancham Bhakut Dosh is believed to bring problems related to children in a couple’s life.

  • Shadashtak (6-8 or 8-6) Bhakut Dosh

Shadashtak Bhatuk Dosh is created by the Moon signs which are placed on 6th and 8th from each other. It is said to bring compatibility and health issues to one of the partners.

Other Effects of Bhakut Dosha:

  • Bhakut Dosha is one of the most troublesome Dosha in astrology. It is also believed to cause illnesses and accidents that may affect either of the partners. Physical incompatibility between a couple can also be predicted.
  • Bhakut Dosh can also bring challenges about conceiving a child, and if the couple has a child, it can affect the children’s health.
  • Depending on the type of Bhakut Dosha, it brings restlessness and mental strain in the marriage. The marriage is likely to lack harmony and in many cases, this may even lead to separation.
  • Apart from these, it also brings daily conflicts and arguments without reasons. Eventually, these little conflicts are likely to worsen and become something serious.

Now that we know how this Dosha can affect your married life in many wrong ways, let’s move onto the remedies for Bhakut Dosha that astrology has to offer.

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Remedies for Bhakut Dosh

Vedic astrology offers a number of remedies for this Dosha. However, since Bhakut Dosha deals with essential matters like marriage, children, and health, it is advisable to consult an expert astrologer before implementing any of the remedies given below.

The first cancellation of Bhakut Dosh happens if the Ruling planet of the bride and groom’s Moon sign is the same as mentioned above. Along with that, if the ruling planets of their Moon signs are friendly towards each other, Bhakut Dosh will not create any problems despite inauspicious Moon sign pairings.

Performing Pujas to pacify the effects of Bhakut Dosha can help immensely. Astrology also suggests worshipping Yantras for diminishing the effects of the Dosha. Some of the gemstones also help in negating the effects. However, all these remedies change for each individual as they are based on your zodiac sign and Kundli. An astrologer should be consulted before picking up on any of the above.

Chanting of the suitable Mantras is also helpful in bringing peace and clarity of the thoughts.


Bhakut Dosh surely brings some intimidating complications for the couple-to-be. However, as we can see, Vedic astrology helps us out with some exceptions and remedies to cancel the Bhakut Dosh. Normally, if the Bhakut Dosha is present and found earlier, astrologers advise against the marriage. In the cases where it is unavoidable, remedies are there to be implied. With that, we hope we were able to clear all doubts and questions you may have regarding the Dosha.

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