Basawraj Bommai – The journey from a Lawyer to CM of karnataka


Basavraj Bommai has a strong Rajyoga formed
in the 9th house of fortune. Also, the 10th
house is strong with the presence of the 4th and 5th
house Lord. So, there is no doubt about his leadership position but, the
ongoing Saturn-Rahu-Venus Dasha period at the time of election will not be in
his favor. All the planets are hemmed in between malefic Rahu and Ketu and
hence Rahu sub period can be detrimental for his political career. The
transiting Sun-Rahu conjunction is also not in his favor. The transiting Moon
will be in the star of Rahu on the result date which also indicates unexpected
results. So, despite having strong Raj Yoga in his chart, he may not have
enough planetary favor to retain his position as the CM of Karnataka.

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