Long Pepper - Health Benefits, Usage & More

Popular in Indian subcontinent, Long Pepper is also known as Indian long pepper or pipli and is a widely used spice in Indian curries. Holding the scientific name –  Piper longum, Long pepper is a flowering vine that comes from the family Piperaceae, and is widely cultivated for its fruit. Let’s dig more into this special long pepper spice.

What is Long Pepper?

Indians have used long pepper as a spice for many centuries in their cuisine. So, it is called Indian long pepper by many people. The beneficial effects of Indian long pepper are based on the traditional Indian medicine ayurveda. It is rich in vitamin C and capsaicin, like most peppers. The long Indian pepper is the treatment for so many types of diseases because of its health benefits.

Long indigenous pepper with a strong, spicy flavor, similar to other peppers. It’s a fragrant plant with fine branches that are hairy. All plants, including their roots and fruit, are helpful. The small fruit contains the alkaloid piperine. The chilli pepper fruits were about the same. Piperine, steroids, glucosides, pipelartin and piperlongumine are present in the root.

Today in India and in some places in Asia, the plant is growing quite well. It is commonly referred to as pippali in the grocery store. It is easy to grind and to replace black pepper. It can thus be well mixed into any cuisine. It can help make many kinds of cuisine savoury.

Health Benefits Of Pippali:

There are several health benefits of Indian long pepper. They are as follows:

Long Pepper Good For Diabetics Patients

Diabetes is an exceedingly common condition when glucose levels are too high or low in the blood. It can really give rise to many system problems, including organ damage, amputation and even death, uncontrolled.

For diabetes-patients, there is no safest way to treat or track the disease, or there is no effective and rapid cure for the disease. In ayurvedic medicine, Indian long pepper was used for a long period of time as a treatment for this disease.

Long pepper helps to control the blood sugar level and makes the condition much more harmless and much more controllable.

Long Pepper Prevents Liver Ailments

A healthy liver ensures that the system is healthy. The functioning of your digestive system is crucial and it also affects the secretion of certain enzymes and hormones in the body. Today we all eat a lot of packaged foods and this is why we have a lot of liver problems, which are unbelievable.

Long pepper consists of various components known to protect the liver. It will try to prevent liver toxicity and ensure that jaundice does not develop.

Long Pepper Fights Against Bacterial Infections

Long pepper from India has powerful antibacterial properties. Bacteria are always active around you, so there isn’t anything you can do to save your body from being exposed to them. Bacterial diseases, on the other hand, can almost always be avoided.

Long pepper guards against bacterial infections. It also has anti-amoebic features, which aid in this process. To obtain this protection, the root or stem of the pepper can be taken.

Long Pepper Benefits For Weight Loss

As our types of food and unhealthy snacks are constantly being exposed and increasingly used to eating the same rather than healthy home food, more and more people are now becoming grossly overweight. Not only because of standards of beauty and self-image, but because for health purposes, the world is extremely excited by the prospect of losing weight.

Long pepper from India helps in weight loss. It essentially reduces the fat in the body and also removes fatty toxins that help you lose extra weight. With the exception of diets or prescription drugs for weight loss, Indian long pepper does not harm your body if it is used to lose some weight.

Long Pepper Oxygenates Your Body

To achieve their maximum potential, your organs will start receiving oxygen and energy from the lungs. It can lead to several health problems like organ failure and sepsis if they do not get as much oxygen as they need or if they need to get it.

It is very essential for oxygen to circulate properly through your blood without problems. Long pepper from India allows in the supply of oxygen to the brain and organs.

Long Pepper Improves Skeletal Health

Strong bones mean that your body has a strong structure. Indian long leaves help to reinforce the whole skeletal system and to increase your bones’ overall health. It can really make a person feel more and more comfortable. People with weak bones can experience fractures as well as other bone problems with time.

Long Pepper Good For Menstrual Problems

For thousands of years, Indian long pepper has been used to fight menstrual issues. It can contribute to curbing heavy menstrual flow and also help menstrual cramps. It even fights tiredness and some PMS symptoms.

In addition, Indian long pepper was used by pregnant women in labour to induce uterine contractions and accelerate delivery. This spice is also used by many women following the birth of the baby to stimulate rapid uterine healing. In these cases, it is said to be very helpful.

Long Pepper Acts As Aphrodisiac

The qualities of Indian long pepper are also an aphrodisiac. It has the ability to relax and make you feel better. It helps people live longer and can also be used to treat erectile dysfunction. Another significant benefit of Indian long pepper is that it can be used to boost libido.

Other Benefits Of Long Pepper:

Indian long pepper can be used for a wide range of purposes in addition to the health benefits mentioned above. It may aid in the treatment of acute and chronic headaches and toothaches. It’s an effective treatment for cholera and epilepsy.

Long pepper will help you recover faster from a cough or cold while also lowering your temperature. It relieves indigestion and is an effective diarrhoea treatment. Bronchitis and asthma sufferers may benefit from it.

Long pepper is also used to treat patients who have fallen into a coma. Long pepper from India can be used to enhance the skin and combat the effects of ageing. It may be used to reduce the risk of strokes. It can also be used to relieve stomach pain.

How to Use Indian Long Pepper:

Indian long pepper is available in two varieties: wet and dry. The application can vary depending on the type. Each type of Indian long pepper has its own wide variety of health benefits. As a result, this pepper can be used in a wide range of applications. This is also one of the reasons for pepper’s high demand in the natural medicine world.

Many different recipes can be made with the wet, fresh Indian long pepper. This variety is primarily used as a pickle. It’s easy to make your own Indian long pepper. It also works well with biryani, kebabs, and pizza. To use the pepper, simply cut it into small pieces and use it as required. Since the structure is still normal and not chemically altered, the wet version has more health benefits.

Some cooks grind the dry version of Indian long pepper into powder and use it. The dry pepper has a longer shelf life than the wet pepper. And that’s why the dry version is preferred by the majority of people. Such that it can be used in a matter of months. The dry form can be mixed in with the vegetables or spread on top of the soup. It’s also good for marinating meat or fish. The dry version contains the health benefits of Indian long pepper and has a stronger hot taste than the wet form.

Side-Effects & Allergies of Long Pepper (Pippali):

Indian long pepper is an entirely natural and organic herb that poses no risk to your health. There are no reported side effects on your wellbeing from using this spice. You should do an improvement test to make you feel more relaxed before using it correctly if you have never used it. This will help you figure out whether you’re allergic to this spice or not.

Always seek medical advice before making any changes to your diet or activity. If you’re using this spice mostly as an aphrodisiac, talk to your sex therapist first to make sure it’ll work for you as well as your partner.

It is not generally a good idea to consume pippali for a long time without using the panchakarma or rasayana method. When taken excessively, the kapha and pitta doshas can exacerbate and cause digestive problems, stomach problems, allergic diseases such as itch, redness and swelling.

Before taking this herb during pregnancy or lactation, it is recommended to consult an ayurvedic physician.

With loads of benefits, Long Pepper has a variety of uses in a huge range of Indian dishes. If you haven’t known or used this spice, just try once, and you will just fall for its fragrance and delicious flavor. Not just limited to its uses for making savoury cuisine, long pepper is also widely used for many of its health benefits, which is why most ayurvedic practitioners use it.

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