Cardamom: An Ayurvedic Remedy Right in Your Kitchen

History Of Cardamom

Cardamom is a spice made from the seeds of a variety of ginger-related plants. It is native to Southern India, but it is also cultivated in Guatemala, which is the world’s biggest exporter of the herb. It has a heavy clove-like scent to it. The flavour is also potent, with some comparing it to a mix of ginger and cinnamon. Others say it has a distinct minty flavour with touches of citrus. By weight, green cardamom is among the most costly spices. Even so, since the taste is so good, a little makes a big difference. In Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines, this spice is used.

Cardamom is said to be among the best spices. This spice has been used for at least 4000 years. Cardamom was used by the ancient Egyptians for a range of medical uses, rites, and even embalming. They ate cardamom pods to keep their breath fresh and to keep their teeth sharp.

Cardamom was used by the Greeks and Romans for its fragrance. In perfumes and floral oils, it is used as a primary ingredient.

On their journeys, Vikings found this spice and took it back to Scandinavia.

Cardamom was originally harvested from plant species in Southern India’s Ghats. Because of the variety of plants in that same location, it became known as Cardamom Hills.

Plantations of cardamom were founded by British colonists in the nineteenth century, and this is where most of the green and black cardamom which we use currently originated from.

Guatemala is the world’s largest commercial cardamom manufacturer. In certain parts of Guatemala, it is regarded as a crop that is much more precious than coffee.

Benefits of Cardamom

Cardamom is classified as an herbal plant and is commonly used as a spice. Choti Elaichi, a little cardamom, is frequently used in Ayurvedic medicines to improve muscle strength. ” Cardamom has eight amazing health advantages that you should be aware of.

  • Cures Cough And Cold: Cardamom is high in antioxidants, which help to treat coughs and colds. Green and black cardamoms are the two types of cardamom. Colds, coughs, and other breathing disorders may be treated with black cardamoms. As an easy natural flu antidote, boil some pods in milk with honey and sip the cardamom tea. It gives the body a feeling of comfort.
  • Aids Digestion: Due to its heavy fragrance, it aids digestion by stimulating our taste and sensory components. This allows the release of digestive enzymes, which is particularly beneficial if eaten after a huge meal. Cardamom can help with digestive issues such as indigestion, gas, and constipation. Cardamom contains compounds that are believed to help food pass into the intestine more quickly.
  • Prevents Bad Breath: Cardamoms have a floral and sweet fragrance that makes them a perfect air freshener. Cineole, a key element of cardamom oil, is noted for its antimicrobial properties, which help to maintain oral health and combat harmful bacteria stinky breath.
  • Blood Pressure is Reduced: A pinch of coriander and one pinch of cardamom combined with 1 cup of fresh coconut peach juice, according to The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies, will help lower blood pressure. As a result, it is considered a heart-healthy seasoning.
  • Longevity’s Secret: Trying to drink cardamom tea is said to be the key to living a long life in Chinese culture. Cardamom tea aids in the removal of toxins and the maintenance of healthy internal processes. Cardamom is one such spice that should be eaten on a regular schedule if you want to remain well and live longer.
  • Blood Circulation is Improved:Cardamom is intended to improve blood flow in the body, particularly in the lungs, and is thus even used as a herbal treatment for respiratory problems. It keeps your stamina and energy levels up.
  • Blood Sugar Levels Are Regulated: Black cardamom is frequently recommended as a treatment for elevated blood sugar levels. Manganese is abundant in cardamom, which aids in the regulation of blood sugar levels in the body.
  • Supports Weight Loss: Cardamom aids weight loss by increasing energy metabolism and assisting the body in burning fat more effectively.

Cardamom Has Health Benefits

Cardamom is a spice with a solid, mildly sweet taste that has been compared to mint by others.It’s from India, but it’s now available all over the world and can be found in both sweet and savoury dishes. Cardamom seeds, oils, and extracts are believed to have powerful medicinal effects and have long been used in herbal medicine.

The Following Are Some Of The Health Benefits Of Cardamom

Helps Bad Breath

Cardamom is a really good treatment for halitosis, or poor breath. Chewing on the seeds will help you get rid of any foul odours in your mouth. For this reason, it’s also an ingredient in certain chewing gums. Moreover, cineole, the main active ingredient of cardamom oil, is a powerful antiseptic that kills bacteria that cause stinky teeth as well as other infections.

Helps Treat Cavities

Not only will this herb destroy the bacteria that causes stinky teeth, but it can also help avoid cavities from developing or even reverse cavities and tooth decay. It has all of the cleaning properties of chewing gum but none of the drawbacks (like stickiness).

Chewing cardamom will not only destroy bacteria in your mouth, but it could also facilitate a cleansing flow of saliva, whilst the fibrous outer covering of the pod should provide a gentle clean of your teeth.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Cardamom can assist you in lowering your blood pressure. This is crucial for keeping the heart and kidneys healthy. Cardamom not only helped lower systolic, diastolic, and normal blood pressure, but it also improves overall antioxidant status by 90% after a few months.

Treat Diabetes

This spice’s (cardamon) high quality makes it an ideal alternative for people with diabetes and those with blood sugar problems. Diabetes patients have reduced levels of the trace element manganese in their serum. It’s uncertain if diabetes lowers manganese levels or whether low manganese levels lead to the development of diabetes. Including manganese to your diet is a good thing for diabetics in any case, which really is why you should include it in your diet schedule.

Overall, this ingredient Cardamom is useful in preventing the development of diabetes.

Immunity Booster

According to the current situation, you will need to improve your immunity to combat covid-19, and cardamon tulsi ginger lemon will help you do so.

Cardamom is known as the “queen” of spices because of its delectable fragrance and flavour. Its sweet and spicy flavour makes it a powerful product for both sweet and savory dishes. Cardamom is commonly chewed at the end of each meal, particularly in India, to aid digestion and refresh the palate.

Side Effects of Cardamom

Even so, taking too much cardamom will cause a slew of negative side effects. It can cause stomach problems, nausea, vomiting, and in the worst-case scenario, gallbladder problems. Let’s look at some of the negative consequences of eating a lot of Cardamom.

Leads To Allergies: Many individuals may be allergic to one or more of the enzymes found in the spice. One of the most important things to see here is skin allergies. Hives and dermatitis are two of the most common skin diseases. Some other kinds of allergy affected by cardamoms are hypersensitivity and respiratory allergies.

Pain In Gall Bladder: Whenever it comes to cardamom consumption, many people feel stomach pain. This is normally the case with those who have gallstones or other problems with their gallbladder.

Impotency: Too much cardamom use has been linked to male fertility issues in several reports. Some people have been complaining of cardamom causing impotent behaviour in their bodies. This may not be entirely confirmed, but it is undoubtedly another of the side effects that many people complain about.

Drug Interactions: The negative effects of green cardamom are numerous. When people do take medicine, this seasoning must be taken with caution and awareness. Cardamom has been observed to interfere with medications in the past, which normally results in rare health effects.

Although, there are rare side effects, Cardamom is still the most savoured spice.

The Bottom Line

Cardamom is an herbal seed pod being used in a variety of Indian dishes, including creamy kheer and delicious biryani. It imparts a unique fragrance and a sweet flavour to the dish, making it almost enticing. Not just that, but cardamoms are valued for their medicinal and health effects.

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