Premature Ejacualtion! Don’t Hide. Get It Treated

Sexual life can be a cause of concern for few couples. In male, a condition called premature ejaculation can cause stress and distress with their partners. It is a condition that is characterised by uncontrolled or premature ejaculation (PE) of semen. The ejaculation is unwanted and the timing is such that ejaculation occurs before the intercourse or the couple has reached the climax. It can be a cause of rift and frustration for both male and female in a relationship.

This can be due to many environmental and pathological factors. Stressed lifestyle, anxiety, restlessness, mental torture, sexual or physical opression are few of the environmental factor. Other lifestyle activity like excessive smoking and drinking, porn addiction, too much of masturbation or early engagement with sex can be responsible for this. This can happen due to some disease like enlarged prostate, diabetes, certain STDs or cardiovascular disease or nightfalls. Let us diagnose the symptoms and know what can be the best treatment.

Diagnosis And Symptoms

It is a combination of both biological and psychological factors. Main problem with this is many treat this as a sign of taboo and hesitate to talk about this. The condition is however treatable. Medications, counselling and certain sexual techniques can delay the ejaculation which is the desired outcome.

One of the main symptoms is ejaculation within a minute of intercourse or getting stimulated without touch. This can be further classified as Primary (lifelong) or secondary (acquired). By itself, it is difficult to understand whether premature ejaculation is a problem or not. In the case of secondary, the person is having a normal sexual life and acquires this problem due to some incident physical or psychological.

What Are The Possible Treatments?

Ayurvedic medicine for PE focuses on the anomaly due to the imbalance of Vata and Pitta dosha. People do not have any problem normally but during mating the imbalance occurs. Apart from physical mating, a psychological stimulation which activates the nervous system can also aggravate these doshas. Vata can sensitize the quickens and enhance the sense of touch. Pitta plays the role in liquidating the semens thereby increasing the flow.

Increased flow and heightened simulation release the neurotransmitter for pleasure and can release in early ejaculation. Secondly, the dosha will increase the activity of muscles of secondary sexual organs and their muscle activities. Ayurvedic cure for premature ejaculation includes balanced diet, meditation, yoga and use of herbs for the treatment of premature ejaculation.

Herbal Remedies

Few of the ayurvedic herbs for premature ejaculation are mentioned below.

  • Jaiphal: Jaiphal mixed with milk has aphrodisiac and nerve stimulating properties. This helps in delaying the jaculation.
  • Shatavari: Shatavari in powdered form can boost blood circulation and has an anti stress calming effect on mind. Some research also confirms that it can increase sperm production.
  • Safed Musali: It is a yellowish root-like substance obtained from Chlorophytum borivilianum plant. It has aphrodisiac herb, and works as an anti stress agent. Some literature of ayurveda recommends taking musali daily to promote sperm count and sexual libido.
  • Tulsi Seed: Tulsi has several benefits. It helps in treating male impotence. The seed helps in regulating the blood flow and increases the strength of penile tissue. It helps in increasing the libido and helps to improve stamina.
  • Ashwagandha: This sattvic herb helps in strengthening the penile tissue, increases stamina and delay in ejaculation. If taken in churna form, it helps in reducing the stress, fatigue and has anti aging properties.

Take advice of an expert in ayurveda for choosing right herbal remedy for premature ejaculation

Household Remedies

Apart from ayurvedic herbal remedies, there are many household supplements one can try. For example, soaked and peeled almonds mixed with milk, white butter and mishri, amla with honey combination and dried with ghee are few of the combinations which are used domestically. Apart from that ginger with great antiseptic properties can be used for reducing premature ejaculation. They increase the blood circulation and the blood flow in the spongy penile tissue improves the ejaculation timing and serves as one of the best ayurvedic medicines for really discharge problems.

Dietary Changes

Including food rich in Zinc can help in delaying premature ejacualtion and increase the libido. Magnesium on the other hand helps in improving sexual health. These two trace elements help in improving the climax time. Foods rich in zinc and magnesium include pumpkin seeds, soya bean, yogurt, spinach, almonds, kidney beans, dark chocolate, etc. Apart from Yoga, breathing exercises like pranayam can also help.

Techniques To Improve Ejaculation Time

There are few techniques, physically which can help in delaying the ejaculation. Let us discuss briefly.

Pause-Squeeze Technique: This is kind of when you are ready to unload, hold it. Try to thinking something else other than sex. This will help to loosen your penile muscle and delay in ejaculation. Moreover, ask your partner to squeeze the end of the penis at a junction of head and shaft and hold them. Repeat this process as per your need.

Pelvic Floor Exercises: Strengthening the pelvic floor muscle can improve the climax timing. This helps in controlling the ejaculating reflex. One can follow a few tips. Contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles gradually may strengthen itself. Remember to breathe during those exercises.

Masturbation: Masturbating before sexual activity will release enough semen. This will make the penis to take time to get aroused. This will help in delaying the penetration.

Increase The Foreplay Time: Increasing the foreplay, will stimulate and pleasure your partner without actually penetrating. This may help in reducing any stress or frustration that may creep due to premature ejaculation. Foreplay increases the pleasure and even if the real penetration time is less, it may not hamper your sexual relationship.

Consult an expert sexologist before trying any of these above mentioned techniques.

When To Seek Doctor’s Help?

There are several options which can be used as ayurvedic treatment for premature ejaculation. Apart from that it is important to know when to seek a doctor’s help. First of all do not hesitate to take help from a doctor. If you are frequently facing this problem of ejaculating sooner than expected, then you should take help of a doctor. Sometimes, they may not give you any solution, but a word of confidence can strengthen your confidence.Premature ejculation is a common thing and one should feel embarrassed accepting the fact.

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