Say No To High BP With The Help of Ayurveda

High Blood Pressure is a problem that has become almost routine and acceptable as well. It is because it is a reality which people are ready to accept. Taking medicines for BP has become customary, so much so that people have already become prepared to accept that this problem will hit them after a specific age

Just like high BP, hypertension also becomes an everyday thing. However, this does not need to be an accepted

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Just like high bp, hypertension also becomes an everyday thing. However, this does not need to be an accepted fact; with the help of Ayurveda, you can make sure that you stay healthy, and popping pills or waiting in the enormous lines at a doctor’s clinic is not the ultimate goal in life.

Before we get into the remedies, or how we do, we heal with the help of Ayurveda. Let us first understand what happens in our body when we say high bp or hypertension and what role Ayurveda plays.

High bp and hypertension are when the rush of blood is faster against the artery walls. The blood pressure is calculated or measured by how much blood your heart pumps and the amount of friction or opposition the arteries put towards this blood flow.

Ayurvedic Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure

Let’s get onto the more straightforward way of reducing bp instead of running errands to the pharmacy. You can make these minor changes to your diet, lifestyle and control your bp or any other conditions.

Below are the herbs that need to be added to your routine.

Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Bp:- Garlic

So, the first one is the one that gives flavor to Indian dishes; it is none other than the humble garlic. Garlic is one of the ayurvedic herbs for high blood pressure as it naturally thins down the blood and reduces cholesterol levels. You should have it early in the morning on an empty stomach.

Best Ayurvedic Medicine for BP:-Honey

Consuming honey also helps to control high bp, and you can have it in the most traditional way of adding it to hot water and lemon. Honey relaxes the walls of the blood vessels, which in turn controls the pressure levels.

Honey is not only one of the best ayurvedic remedies for high bp; it is one of the staple ayurvedic remedies for most of the conditions, just like ashwagandha, lemon, and ginger.

Best Ayurvedic Medicine for BP:-Ashwagandha

The Indian Ginseng should be accredited as the synonym for Ayurveda. It is an ayurvedic herb that has endless benefits. It is good for stress, for anxiety, you name anything, and it is suitable. Ashwagandha helps reduce the sugar levels in the blood and can be consumed in small quantities.

Best Ayurvedic Medicine for BP:- Gotu Kola

Gotu kola is also known as the  Indian Pennywort, which increases blood circulation and controls hypertension. It is even beneficial in reducing the body’s pitta by reducing the increased heat in the body.

Ayurvedic Treatment for High BP:- Arjuna

The bark of this tree reduces the pressure on the heart. It stops the collection of toxins on the blood vessels and gets hypertension under control. It can be consumed in the powdered form daily in the morning.

Ayurvedic Treatment for High BP:- Triphala

Triphala is made from three trees that are found in India. Triphala fruits are dried, grounded, and blended. Triphala is not only effective for Kapha but also for Vata and Pitta.

Another excellent Ayurvedic medicine that offers countless health benefits is Triphala.

Having 2 tsp of Triphala powder every morning reduces the cholesterol, getting the bp levels normal.

Ayurvedic Treatment for High BP:- Jatamanasi

Just like Triphala, Jatamanasi can also be consumed in powdered form. Jatamanasi is full of antioxidants and also helps stop the accumulation of plaque in the blood vessels. It protects the arteries as well from radicals.

Ayurvedic Treatment for High BP:- Carom Seeds

This kitchen cabinet mouth freshener not only combats terrible breath but only keeps the BP under check. It hinders the stress that works towards raising the BP. Having it after meals works as a mouth freshener and also aids digestion. Now that you know the benefits, never say no to carom seeds whenever around.

Lifestyle Changes in Ayurveda for High Blood Pressure

Below are few lifestyle changes that you can make to your daily diet and routine.

Try to consume moong dal often, as moong dal helps with hypertension.

Take equal portions of orange juice and coconut water and drink half a cup of this juice every day.

Also, try to avoid or reduce salty, fatty, piquant food as they work against blood pressure and increases BP.

Cucumber Kachumber helps to get BP under control as it is a good diuretic.

Exercise regularly, a sedentary lifestyle adds up to blood pressure and hypertension issues. You do not have to start lifting weights to maintain fitness. It can be simple things like walking, skipping the elevator, and climbing the stairs instead, gardening, doing the chores at home by yourself.

Cut back on sugar and sodium, especially those that are sprinkled on top of meals and beverages.

Increase potassium intake; you can get your daily dose of potassium from bananas, avocado, and apricots. Potassium can also be found in potatoes, sweet potatoes, spinach, etc.

Try to do meditation and pranayama as these breathing techniques help reduce stress, which is also one of the reasons for high bp.

A simple exercise of chanting “OM” can reduce BP. A compound formed while chanting OM helps open the blood vessel that lowers BP.

Dark chocolate lovers have some good news here, as dark chocolate helps reduce the bp. Dark chocolate contains a high amount of cacao that reduces bp, inflammation, and causes of heart diseases as well.

Sleep is underrated, a good night’s sleep helps to recover from most of the conditions, so it is time to reduce the blue screen time and sleep time. Mindful, peaceful sleep!

Adding Omega 3 fatty acids has tons of benefits. Omega 3 fatty acids are mainly found in fish. Fish oil helps in reducing blood pressure. Vegetarian options for Omega 3 fatty acids are Chia Seeds, Hemp Seeds, Walnuts, and flax seeds.

Whey protein is a protein obtained from milk, this is a substitute that lowers blood pressure. Whey protein can be found in Hemp seeds, brown rice, soy, egg white, etc.

Magnesium is also helpful in reducing blood pressure. It can be found in greens, nuts, seeds, dry beans, and oat bran.


The best way to manage high blood pressure is to keep your diet blood pressure friendly. Try to add herbs as mentioned above, also keep the movement intact throughout the day. Try to drink water before and after your workout, as that will stop the blood from thickening.

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