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Heyshortie! Hey Lamppost! Have you ever heard such passing comments? Well, we give so much importance to one’s height. However, it is not entirely in our hands to determine our height. It is in the genes. It is important whose genes we are carrying. Having said that, genes have to be activated. It is like a switch which has to be turned on to know the effect. Genes are small codons of DNA which regulate basically everything in our body. Outcome of the genetic expression is governed by allele. Genes and alleles are like the computer program fed into the system and the system shall express the outcome. For example height is a character, Whether a person will be tall or short is the outcome.  So Gene controls the character and the shortness or tallness is controlled by the allele.

Gene has to be expressed or it may remain silent and one may never attend the height he wants to. This is governed by the environmental factor and nutrition in daily diet. Height increase is exponential during the teenage age and maximum before one attends puberty. Growth in height is often termed as vertical growth and it is driven by a process called chondrogenesis on the epiphyseal plates, the growth plate. During pre-puberty the growth rate is fast but after puberty the rate of growth decreases and for some it is zero after the epiphyseal fusion.

General Questions Regarding Height And Their Answers

One of the main questions everybody asks is whether one increases their height after the age of 18. Height grows rapidly before the epiphyseal plate fusion. Once the fusion takes place the rate of growth decreases. However, there are supplements and medications which claim to increase in height after their use.

Another question which is very common is whether parents are short or whether a child will grow short. Again, it’s the gene which plays an important role. There are two sets of genes for each character. One set is received from father and another is received from mother. Genes are further divided as dominant or recessive. There are many combinations which can affect the growth because of this dominant or recessive character. If both the set of genes received from the parents are dominant then the child will be tall and if they are recessive then he might be short. Generally short parents give rise to short children and tall one give rise to taller offsprings. But due to  this dominant and recessive combination, there are instances where short parents give rise to tall children and vice versa.

What Can Be Done To Increase The Height?

There are several claims about increasing the height. Many options are available like growth injections (hormone injection) and tablets, while ayurvedic treatment for height growth includes herbal supplements, diet and exercise. We are going to discuss a few of them.

Ayurvedic Supplement

As already mentioned, height grows at a faster rate before the bone fusion. It is better to take supplements at this stage of growth. Ayurveda approaches the height increase therapy under three categories. Normal or underweight male, normal or underweight female and overweight or obses male and female. Native herbal plants are used in combination and sold commercially as ayurvedic medicine for height gain. Let us go through the details of a few of the herbs.

  • Ashwagandha: It is the allrounder herb. It increases the inhibitory neurotransmitter Gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) level and this further increases the production of Human Growth Hormone. It is also a stress reliever and rejuvenating hormone.
  • Shilajit : Its role as a growth enhancer is under doubt but it certainly has anti-aging properties.
  • Praval Pishti: It is loaded with calcium and used to treat osteoporosis. It prevents bone loss due to calcium deficiency. Consuming this will maintain the bone density.
  • Yashtimadhu : It acts as anti-inflammatory and has anti-stress properties. Stress may hamper the growth of human beings. So it helps in maintaining the growth.
  • Nutritional herbs : Proper nutrition and dietary intake is required for proper height increase. Herbs like amalaki have lots of antioxidant properties, fibrous in nature and loaded with vitamin C. It acts as antiinflammatory and enhances the collagen growth. Similarly guduchi boosts the immune system. It has an effect similar to amalki in many ways. Shatavari has many nutritional properties and is loaded with Vitamin A, B and C, it has the right amount of fat, protein and carbohydrate which can help in growth.
  • Thyroid regulators : Herbs like guggul regulate the thyroid hormone. It increases the iodine intake and activates the thyroid gland to produce the thyroid hormones. People with hypothyroidism have potentially reduced height. ayurvedic products for height growth

On commercial platforms, many of these herbs are sold as tablets or powder individually or in combination as ayurvedic products for height growth. However, before choosing any of these herbal supplements, it is advised to get a recommendation from an expert ayurvedic doctor.

Synthetic/Chemical Drugs For Growth

There are many synthetic hormones and chemicals used as growth regulating medications. But these medications come with high amounts of side effects and should be taken under medical supervision.

Somatotropin : It is a synthetic man made growth hormone. It is used to help children grow faster and taller. If in any condition the natural human growth hormone is deficient or the mechanism does not work in the body then this hormone is given externally to stimulate growth. There are many commercially available somatotropins available. However, there are certain contraindications in which this should not be given. In Conditions like cancer, diabetes, allergy to somatotropin, pregnancy, sleep disorders, somatotropin should be avoided. It is strictly given under medical supervision.

Growth receptor enhancer : It is a growth hormone receptor enhancer which acts as an agonist for growth hormone. Few of the examples are Macimorelin acetate, sermorelin acetate

How About Exercise And Stretching?

Exercise can keep you healthy and few believe that it can increase your height also. A combination of protein diet with exercise and stretching may help you to increase your height before the fusion of the epiphyseal plate. There are certain exercises which one can try.

  1. Hanging : Hanging against the gravity will help stretch the body muscles of the limbs. Generally we tend to hand down a bar against gravity. Add pull ups to take this exercise to an extra mile. Precaution to be taken is about the body weight and people having joint problems. The support one is hanging on should be sturdy.
  2. Jumping and Jogging: They both are cardio exercise and body releases many growth promoting hormones. This helps in maintaining the blood pressure and heart rate. According to the weight and body build one can decide the range and timing of jogging and exercise.
  3. Vertical Bend :  It makes the calf muscle expand vertically and this may improve height.
  4.  Swimming : It helps in stretching the body parts to the fullest. It will make the body muscles become strong. If you have a problem with heat and humidity then swimming is considered as one of the best exercises.
  5. Cycling : The more you paddle, the stronger your calf muscle will be and this stretching helps in growing your height. Teenage is the best type to do cycling as the bone fusion is still lacking.
  6. Jump Squatting : This exercise helps in strengthening the lower limbs muscle. This stretching helps to create a strong tensile strength for lower limbs, muscle and tendons.

Get the help of an expert dietician and health expert who can help you with your growth

Exercise done at the right time can help you grow fast. There are herbal supplements as well as synthetic medicine which can help one grow. But one should not lose hope or be disheartened  if he or she is not tall.

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