Ayurveda For Acidity

Going out, enjoying the spicy, greasy food is all fun and good until the next day when you feel the ache in your chest and stomach, which, as we all know, is called acidity.

Not every time is acidity restricted to special events. Today, we will look at how Ayurveda can help you with gas and acidity.

Considering the diet and lifestyle we have, it appears now and then. The diet which we consume nowadays does not resonate even a tad bit with our grandparents. They had a specific time of eating their food and also a similar type of eating food. The body was aware of the meal timings. Their meals were fresh, balanced, and consumed on time. Not everybody now has the leisure of cooking their meals because of the fast-paced lives, and this has impacted our lifestyle, shaking off our system, keeping it in the dilemma of what next would strike it. Unlimited caffeine consumption, eating at odd hours, eating continuously while the body has even digested the previous food is all the reason for acidity.

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Symptoms and Ayurvedic Treatment for Acidity

Acidity happens when the stomach acid, known as Hydrochloric Acid, which breaks down the food into smaller particles for digestion, is produced in excess.

One of the most common symptoms is heartburn, burn in the chest and throat, acidic taste in the mouth, cough, inflammation in the sinus.

Individuals who face heartburn are very frequently diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux, one of the most severe acidity disorders.

Our body should naturally balance both acid and alkaline in the body, and the required pH level of the stomach should be 1.5 to 3.5 acidic. Acidity happens when there is more acid from the gastric gland than required for the digestion process. Most of the remedies focus on lowering the pH level.

Acidity or any stomach-related problems as per Ayurveda links to Agni(fire) within our body.

Everything in the body, such as the digestive system, metabolism is taken care of by the Agni.

It can nurture and nourish our body or affect it negatively and impair it, leading to an imbalance in Agni.

When the Agni is imbalanced in the body, it generates Ama, the root cause of all diseases. So the goal for maintaining a healthy stomach and gut is to balance the metabolic fire.

Keep a gap of at least 2-3 hours between each meal.

Try to reduce the consumption of oily, spicy, fried food.

Also, eat only when you feel hungry as your body does not need to be fed when it needs food and body signals in the form of hunger.

Have your last meal 3 hours before your bedtime

Ayurvedic Remedy For Acidity

To reduce the acidity and to bloat, below are a few remedies that you can follow:-

Opt for herbal teas instead of coffee and aerated drinks. You can opt for green tea, lavender tea, chamomile tea, basil tea, hibiscus tea, or even a simple curry leaf tea.

On an empty stomach, have lukewarm lemon water. You can also add honey to this water. Have it everyday religiously.

Watermelon is an excellent fruit for acidity. Include watermelon in your diet. You can have it for breakfast, as consuming fruits in the morning is more beneficial. You could also drink watermelon juice every day.

Mint and fennel seeds work wonders for acidity. You can make mint leaves, tea, or fennel seeds water every day.

Stay hydrated throughout the day. Be it nariyal pani, cucumber juice, etc. How to make it

Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Gas and Acidity

Ayurvedic medicine for acidity can be found right in your kitchen or bought from the local market. They are inexpensive, easily available and very effective.

Let’s go and see what are the few herbs and spices that can be used as an Ayurvedic medicine to treat and drive away acidity.

Ayurvedic Antacids: Mint Tea

After a boil, keep Water for boiling, add tea leaves, let it boil for 5 mins.

Add mint leaves once the tea leaves get boiled

Let it simmer for 2 mins

Strain and add honey for sweetener

Have the tea when you feel bloated or acidic

You can even replace it with your regular tea to consume daily.

Ayurvedic Antacids: Fennel Water

Add fennel seeds to hot water.

Please put on the lid and let it simmer for 5 mins.

Having cloves when you feel acidic can give instant relief.

Few other ingredients that can give instant relief are – Lemon, banana, curd.

Ginger is a wonder herb, which can cure anything and everything related to the stomach. You can chew on raw ginger or add ginger powder to hot water and sip on it throughout the day.

In Other News:- Ginger water is the best ayurvedic syrup for acidity and also helps to get rid of period cramps.

Chewing Gum:

This might be quite a surprising addition to the list. However, chewing gum reduces acidity in the digestive pipeline. Chewing GumGum increases saliva production that helps precise acidity.

Last but not least, drink for acidity

Take ¼ cup of curd and thinner it with 3/4 cup of water, make it a buttermilk consistency.

Add rock salt, green chilies, cumin powder, curry leaves, and ginger.

These were the best ayurvedic medicine for acidity from your kitchen, definitely try this before you reach out for pharmaceutical medicines.

Consult an expert ayurveda practitioner for herbal remedies.

One of the famous medicines for gastric problems in Ayurveda is Amlant. It combines more than 15 herbs in one pill. Mishri, cloves, Pippi, Vaidang, Haritaki are the few herbs included in Amlant that help reduce inflammation and indigestion are included in various ayurvedic treatments for acidity and gas.

The formulation of these 15 herbs helps treat indigestion, acidity, gastric and duodenal problems. It helps get rid of bloating and nausea.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Stomach Problems

For Constipation

Consuming a glass of warm water mixed with salt and ghee helps get rid of constipation.

Ghee greases the inside of the intestines, and salt helps remove the bacteria from the body.

Castrol oil is a good stimulant laxative that provides relief.

Ghee helps lubricate the inside of the intestines, and salt removes bacteria.

How To Make It

Add a tsp of ghee and 1/4 tsp of salt to warm Water

Stir it well and consume it an hour after dinner.

For Bloating

Hot Water consumed by itself helps with a lot of stomach problems, including bloating.

Fennel seeds are good for bloating; you can chew them by themselves after meals to improve digestion or make fennel seeds water.


So, the next time you go to extend to take that extra poori even when you do not need that extra one, think about what it will do to your stomach. Or, on the brighter side, you can have it and follow the ayurvedic recipes hidden in your kitchen racks and shelves.

Ayurveda has your back, and all of the fantastic products of Ayurveda are right in front of you, and consuming them will not have any side effects; instead, they would be more and more beneficial. These were the ayurvedic treatments for acidity, now you know what should you do when you fill your plates with pooris!

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