14 Ways to Find your Happiness Back

14 Ways to Find your Happiness Back

Happiness is a state of mind. But there are actions you can take to feel happy. One must remember that happy thoughts generate happy feelings. The first thing you need to do is focus on your thoughts. Are they happy or sad? If you find them on a spectrum of sad or unhappy, replace them with a positive one. If that is difficult, think of a neutral thought. There are many other ways through which you can become happy.

Try Therapy

-If you want to take help and professionally figure out why you are suddenly unhappy, therapy is the go to approach needed. The sessions are confidential and therapists are non judgemental, so it is a safe space for you to pour out your emotions. Try therapy! It’s awesome!

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Allow yourself to feel your unpleasant emotions

– Be it sad, mad, scared or disgust. Half the issues can be resolved if you can allow yourself to go feel what you are feeling. If you resist a particular emotion, it becomes more difficult. Keep all emotions in equilibrium, no one can always be happy. It’ll feel light.

Stay away from toxic people

–Cut out the harmful people or items from your life. It’s acceptable to take a break from the unhealthy individuals in your life. One of the best methods to find happiness again is to set boundaries and safeguard yourself from unhealthy relationships.  If we are the company we keep, being around happy people can lift our spirits and keep us there. Keep a distance from those whose negativity drags you down. Instead, try to spend time with those who have similar beliefs to yours and who are motivated by the good things in life. 

Connect with loved ones

– Be it family, friends or other loved ones- spending time with joyful individuals can uplift us out of a funk and remind us that we are the company we keep. Keep a distance from those whose negativity drags you down. In order to feel better, try to spend time with those who have similar beliefs to yours and who are motivated by the good things in life.

“Me time”

– In our day to day lives, we are so engrossed in our work & family that you’d rarely find time for yourself. It is essential that from time to time you take e for your ”me time”. It is going to be entirely about you, more like a safe space that you create for yourself where you can express yourself freely, just simply listening to music or journaling or spending time reflecting about your life and what you have been through. It can be a real struggle for some of you to figure out how to spend that time, it might be awkward but it’ll feel okay after some time.

Do your hobbies

– Spend time doing activities that you are good at. This might not be your full time passion but it is rejuvenating. Following your other passions like painting, writing, playing sports, cooking can be very rewarding. It’ll give a boost to your feel good hormones. You must do these from time to time in order to feel happy.

Start exercising

– You must  have been hearing that for ages, to exercise daily but little do you realise the importance of it. It keeps you physically fit and a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. How? In those few seconds when you are working out your body is fully sweating, heartbeat racing and blood gushing in your brains. Your body releases endorphins or pain masking hormones, that is why you generally feel good after working out. Also, in those intense moments your mind is free of any thoughts and fully focused in the moment. 

Healthy meals

– A healthy diet leads to a healthy mind. However, don’t be too strict on yourself by restricting yourself from eating food items that you very much enjoy. Have nutritious, protein filled healthy meals to uplift your mood.

Sound sleep

– Do you get up feeling cranky because of poor sleep. Insufficient sleep can lead to irritation and stress, whereas proper sleep can improve wellbeing. Sleep and mood are intimately related. A mood condition, such as anxiety or depression, may be more likely to develop in those who have chronic insomnia. Have 7-8 hours of sleep to feel fresh. 


 -Numerous studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of meditation. Stress and anxiety can be released through mindfulness meditation. The practice of meditation can be learned by downloading a straightforward app. Try to make a commitment to practising meditation as frequently as you can. Early morning sessions or session’s right before bedtime at night are both fantastic times to practise your skills and enjoy everything that this quiet time has to offer. 


–  Giving can also help you maintain good physical and mental health. It can alleviate stress, treat depression, keep your mind active, and give you a sense of direction. Volunteering doesn’t have to include a long-term commitment or take a lot of time out of your busy day, although it is true that the more you volunteer, the more benefits you’ll enjoy. Even small acts of generosity can benefit those in need and enhance your health and happiness.


– Writing in a journal has long been regarded as a respectable approach to enhance life pleasure, concentrate on the good, and recover from previous pain. According to research, maintaining a thankfulness notebook can lead to happy feelings and the capacity to cope with changes in one’s life.

Social media detox

– This is the detox that you must try. The content that we see on Social media is half the truth. Seeing your acquaintances live a dreamy beautiful life where they are happy & enjoying gives you false hopes about your own life. Check your phone for digital wellbeing and check the apps that you spend your most time in and then set a daily time limit or at best uninstall the app for a few days. Feel the magic for yourself. 

Join a support group

– It can sometimes be a great method to find our way back to happier times to get together in a group and talk about the difficulties or obstacles we experience in life. In a support group setting, there is often a sense of camaraderie that comes from speaking with people who can relate to your situation. 

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