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Money Matters matter! Whatever you do, at the end of the day, the amount of money you make…matters. Problems in money/ wealth issues cause stress and undue pressure, which you can’t really avoid. Our astrologers are here to help you solve all your wealth and money as well as property-related issues. They can forecast your future, provide solutions to increase your income and help you become prosperous.

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  • Financial and monetary concerns
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Zodiac Calendar for this Week

22-02-2015 to 28-02-2015
As per the Western tropical planetary positions
Wealth, Property, Money and Finance
Venus has now entered Aries, which is a good sign for money matters. Most of you will now be able to have a fresh view about your financial planning, and will be able to budget everything properly, feels Ganesha. You should also be able to gain through more than one sources of income, during this week. Your mind will be active and driven towards the direction of earning more money and creating a secure future for yourself and your loved ones. It is a good time to start a new regime, class or activity, even if it means spending some money on ‘self’. This kind of intelligent expenditure will make you happy and contended, assures Ganesha. In short, around this time, you shall be filled with an intent to ‘spend on your happiness’. If any major investments are on your mind, you are advised to take into consideration planetary insights, basis your Personal Horoscope with a specialised service like Investment Advice.

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The science of astrology has been in existence for thousands of years. The aim is to make a conscious attempt to measure, record and predict objective and subjective events by studying the positions of the heavenly bodies at any given time. Changing with the times, GaneshaSpeaks.com has taken this science of astrology to the online world, by providing personalized daily, weekly, monthly and yearly predictions based on planetary positions and horoscopes. Besides, specific areas of life including Career, Finances, Business, Love, Educational, Personal and Property are astutely addressed with customised, tailor-made solutions and reports by GaneshaSpeaks.com team. The erudite team of astrologers at GaneshaSpeaks.com has been tutored by Bejan Daruwala himself.