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Zodiac Calendar for this Week

24-05-2015 to 30-05-2015
Western tropical planetary positions
Overview (Starry Specials)
27th and 28th May – Retrograde Mercury in Conjunction with Mars in Gemini – The forceful and strong Mars is the natural catalyst, while Mercury symbolises communication and related matters. Mid-week, both these fast-moving important planets shall come in conjunction with each other in the versatile, dual Zodiac Sign Gemini. Mercury is currently moving in a retrograde motion, and in such a mode, it signifies written communications. Considering this configuration, Ganesha feels that mid-week onwards, most of you shall need to be very careful, while expressing anything via the written mode. Your written communications are liable to be fierce and aggressive, given Mars’ influence over Mercury, and, possibly, also misleading, given the Gemini background. Thus, watch your words, says Ganesha, especially when you write an email, send a text message or even put up a social media post. Ensure that your messages are short, polite and clear, or there may be misunderstandings, leading to permanent damage to your personal or professional relationships. Besides, you may opt for our fully customised product, prepared by our expert astrologer – Relationships Ask a Question Detailed to manage your relationship issues.