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Zodiac Calendar for this Week

22-11-2015 to 28-11-2015
Western tropical planetary positions
Overview (Starry specials)
Stellium of Sun, Saturn and Mercury in Sagittarius from 23rd November, 2015: This phase is ideal to set yourself new goals and targets. So go ahead and redefine the goals of your life, if needed, stay focused on them, and work harder in the required direction. Dealings with top government officials, and higher-ups in any type of organization may become tougher. Be tactful and diplomatic. Hard work will bear fruit, but you will have to combine it with a little bit of shrewdness, as mere hard work may not suffice to achieve all your goals. Moreover, we suggest a 100% personalised reading – Chart your Destiny to align your goals with your luck and intrinsic strengths to lead a fulfilling and successful life.