26-04-2015 – 02-05-2015

This week the influence of Mars over the 10th House is likely to keep you busy with work, but will also present opportunities for improvement. Ganesha says the present planetary alliances are not supportive for a major change. So, it would be best if you stick to your present job and work with full dedication. You could also be entrusted with some important task to handle, but you will have to accept new challenges to prove your worth. It is only then that you will emerge as a resourceful professional. Businessmen are likely to have a busy schedule as you may be planning to add more products to your portfolio. On the health front, disturbed digestive system may force you to remain absent from work on one of the days. Try meditation or yoga to improve your health. What’s on your mind? Whatever, it may be, it shall pay to remain careful and measured, before you take a major decision like a job change. On the other hand, there’s no point in sticking to a job that doesn’t do anything for you any more…So, should you take the leap? Consult your Personal Stars – to get a reliable answer and solution, which will increase your happiness and satisfaction. Ask a Career QuestionOR get a 3 years Career Report…NOW!

03-05-2015 – 09-05-2015

The full Moon will be posited in your Sign, while the ruler of your Sign, Mars, will be placed in opposition to this full Moon, as the week begins. You will thus be emotional and act somewhat selfishly. However, if you manage to steer your thoughts in the right direction, you will see things getting better on most fronts of your life, including your work sphere. In fact, it will be utterly vital that you keep this positive spirit, as this is going to make many things easier for you, says Ganesha. Employed ones must avoid losing their temper. Also, refrain from blowing your own trumpet. At home, avoid arguments and debates, as far as possible, rather focusing on resolving the ongoing issues. You will also need to be ready to take up extra responsibilities. You may also get a nice chance to earn more money, due to the positive influence of Jupiter over the 2nd House (associated with Finance) from your Sign. Yet, the negative impact of both Saturn and Mars over the 2nd House from your Sign may create some hurdles, and lead to sudden expenses. Mars and Sun, two fiery planets may be disrupting overall harmony. Are you witnessing the repercussions of this in your personal life already? Trust Astrology! Get in touch with one of our expert Astrologers – Talk to an Astrologer – NOW! Or, ask for a personalised reading, answers to which shall be given, basis your Personal Horoscope – Personal Ask A Question – Detailed Advice

10-05-2015 – 16-05-2015

You shall now give top priority to your domestic sphere, spending more time in refurbishing and redecorating your residence, in order to make it more cosy and appealing. Buying a new and spacious vehicle for your family is also on the cards. A gift or an affectionate gesture from your in-laws may now come your way as a pleasant surprise. A significant planetary change too will take place, this week, as the ruler of your Sign, Mars enters the dual airy Sign Gemini in the 8th House from your Sign. This will have a positive impact on your career front. Ganesha, therefore, predicts that the employed ones shall now be able to put up an excellent performance. You may also manage to demonstrate your capability in areas, which do not fall under the purview of your profile, and, thus, shoulder higher responsibility. Businesspersons shall be a happy lot on receiving orders from some renowned companies. However, they will have to be ready to struggle to conclude a deal. Career related issues may remain a cause of concern for many of you in the coming weeks. You may wish to change your job—and soon! Is this the right time? Get answers basis your Personal Horoscope, which shall be your most reliable guide – Get a Career Report 1 Year Or Career Ask A Question – Detailed Advice.