Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

(24rd October to 22nd November)

This Week (04-10-2015 – 10-10-2015)

At the beginning of the week, Moon is in its own Sign, Cancer in the 9th House of fortune and Venus is in the 10th House. This planetary alignment may force you to seek easier alternatives to climb the ladder of success. If you are doing a job, the quality of your work may be below the standards you have set for yourself; this is probably due to Ketu’s presence in the 6th House of employment. A profitable deal is on the cards for you if you are an entrepreneur. Moreover, retrograde Mercury will turn direct on Saturday. It is an auspicious time to begin something new, Sign an important agreement and put plans into action. After a long stay in Leo, Venus now enters its debilitated Sign, Virgo to join Mars and Jupiter in the 11th House (of gains). As Venus and Mercury shall now be in exchange with each other, do not expect great financial gains. But, Thursday, says Ganesha, may turn out to be an exception. It’s October already! A new year is knocking at our doors. Have you started planning your moves for the year 2016? No? Do that NOW with astute guidance from your own Personal Stars. Ask for tailor-made for you 2016 Yearly Report – a complete chronicle of what lies ahead, what to do, when to attempt and when to not! 

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