22-02-2015 – 28-02-2015

This week you can expect some positive events to happen in your life. The planetary configurations indicate that your fighting spirit will come to the fore, inducing and inspiring you to work with renewed vigour. However, don’t exert yourself too much, as stress could affect your health. Professionals must avoid arguing with the higher ups. A conciliatory approach, coupled with willingness to take initiatives and shouldering more responsibility, is likely to work well in the longer run, says Ganesha. This will be a good time for businessmen, with the demand for your products or services increasing. This will not only keep you busy, but shall also lift your spirits. Be careful while driving or cooking, as there is a possibility of your getting injured accidentally. It’s also the time for career appraisals! Are you prepared? What plans you have for your career in the coming times? Clueless? Well, it’s still not too late. Prepare a roadmap for your career with Astrology based, personalised guidance Career Reports that shall be prepared exclusively for you, basis your Personal Horoscope.

01-03-2015 – 07-03-2015

Ganesha feels that this could be a very tough week for you, but if you stay stable and do your tasks with a cool mind, you will come out with flying colours. You will then be able to establish your credentials as a resourceful professional. This will also make your case strong when you demand an increment. On the home front, you may face certain awkward situations. A dear one could be making irrational demands which may be hard to meet. But with the full Moon emerging around Thursday and getting placed in the 11th House of gains, you can expect better times in the future. Businessmen are also likely to close a prestigious deal successfully. Profit margins will be more than satisfactory and you will be comfortable financially. But this may mean that your personal expenses could rise and dent your saving plan. Life’s not easy! But then, who ever promised it would be? We can help you pave a way to a better personal life, and sorted career and business – whatever leaves you in confusion at the moment – with astute, personlised Astrology guidance. Speak to an Astrologer NOW! Or Ask Us Any Questionto get 100% personalised, concise answers and solutions, basis your Personal Horoscope.

08-03-2015 – 14-03-2015

The stars suggest that you are likely to lack self-confidence this week, which will be a mix of positive and negative experiences. At your workplace, your performance may not be up to the mark. Businessmen are also likely to have a dull period now, but this is only a temporary phase so don’t worry yourself too much. You may feel uncomfortable about your current circumstances and unsure of your future financial prospects. Unwarranted domestic expenses are likely to affect your savings. Around the weekend, Mercury will enter its Sign of debilitation, Pisces, which is likely to help resolve most of your domestic troubles. Later, with Saturn turning retrograde, you may once again face some stress at home, but Ganesha assures you that it will pass. Waiting for your appraisals? Maybe not! Do you often find yourself wondering – what am I doing in this job? Is and should money be the only motivation? Not really! Any line of work you choose – whether job or business – should be near to your natural strengths, skills and interests, if you are to find true happiness and satisfaction. Find what is Your Destiny as per your Birth Horoscope! Or, get a personalised, Horoscope based reading like Career Prospects ReportOR Career/Business Strengths Report to understand your best work match.

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