25-01-2015 – 31-01-2015

Professionals are likely to face a lacklustre week, predicts Ganesha. Things will seem to be too drab, and you will have to think out of the box to induce some spice into your work so that you enjoy it more. Moreover, things may not progress as per your expectations, which may cause dejection. Freelancers may find themselves stuck with unresponsive clients. Businessmen will need to check inventory regularly, and streamline operations. On the health front, those of you with irregular blood pressure should be particularly careful. Especially, avoid stressful situations, and don’t neglect medications. Singles who are in a stable relationship are likely to find it hard to please your partners, and married couples may experience some discord in your conjugal life, to resolve which you might like to try our product Marriage Ask a Question Detailed, which will be specially customized for you as per the details of your Birth Chart. Monetary matters too may bother you, so make sure to use your reserves judiciously.

01-02-2015 – 07-02-2015

This week, Moon will be placed favourably for you. This and other planetary configurations suggest that you shall be in a very positive frame of mind. You shall be motivated to put in more efforts to achieve higher growth. However, since certain stars shall be moving in retrograde mode, do not expect immediate results, says Ganesha. Thus, it would be better for you to restrict yourself to planning and reviewing your actions. Businessmen shall have to keep a track of inventory and plan for future purchases accordingly. Freelancers may have a tough time finding an assignment. Health may remain a cause of concern for the old and middle-aged. Those with diabetic conditions should go for regular check-ups to avoid complications. Also, do not neglect medication. The second month of the year 2015 has begun! Will you be able to execute your plans in 2015? Well, if the answer is ‘no’ or ‘maybe’ – do not wait anymore! Seize Your Future in 2015 – with Detailed, Quarter-wise predictions, which will be generated by an expert Astrologer, basis your unique Personal Horoscope.

08-02-2015 – 14-02-2015

Things will be moving at a very slow pace in the initial stages of the week, but will gradually pick up speed, says Ganesha. From Thursday onwards, the confusion and indecisiveness you had experienced earlier shall come to an end. However, financial constraints may act as an impediment in fulfilling your ambitions. Understand this, embrace reality and act accordingly. Those of you who are drawing a fixed income could be the worst hit, financially. Unexpected expenses may upset your plans, leaving no scope for savings. Businessmen shall need to plan your routine activities in advance to avoid the last-minute rush. Freshers may have a hard time finding suitable employment. You shall experience an enjoyable time with your beloved, though, which shall help reduce tension related to work and money. Love is in the air! It’s time for roses and candles…and, charming proposals. Have you met your soul-mate? Are you planning your marriage? Don’t take these vital decisions in a hurry. Use Astrology’s sage guidance to your advantage. Get your Kundlis Matched or prepare for a cosy First Date!

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