Dec 2014

You may expect a roller-coaster ride this week, which will begin on a rather low note, feels Ganesha, but assures you that things will get better as the week progresses. On Wednesday, Sun enters Aquarius, and around the same time, a new Moon starts evolving. A new Moon is usually indicative of a new beginning. So, things are bound to take a positive turn. You will now be more candid, expressive and articulate. On the professional front, you shall make resolute efforts to improve your efficiency. Freelancers will be able handle difficult projects easily. Businessmen can expect the market to gain momentum, and profit margins shall also increase. For a deeper insight into your business prospects, try the personalised product Business Ask A Question – Detailed Advice, prepared by our team of expert astrologers based on your Natal Chart. Your financial position is likely to remain stable. On the health front, there will be no worries at all, and you will feel energetic to take on any challenge thrown at you.

Jan 2015

The new year looks very promising for you, as lots of growth opportunities are foreseen in your Chart, which shall fetch you good monetary gains. You shall not be required to chase success, but it will be other way round, which means success will tend to follow you wherever you go. Nonetheless, you shall have to input little of your hard work to get a real hold of the opportune times and the overall success. To increase your earnings substantially, you shall be inclined to explore new opportunities. If you desire, you may invest your money to buy property. If property matters are on your mind, do take Vedic Astrology’s personalised guidance to get maximum benefits. Get to know the Favourable Time To Buy/Sell property, basis your Natal Chart. If you want to take up a promising new job, go ahead, as the time is favourable. As your finances get stronger, you shall be inclined to spend more on creature comforts and luxuries. However, you need to control your extravagant spending; instead you need to save more to become financially stable, which may be needed for the latter part of the year. In your pursuit to maintain a work-life balance, never neglect attending to your health, which may otherwise begin to show signs of fatigue and exhaustion. All through the month of January, be careful of your health.

Feb 2015

As the days roll by this month, things will slowly pick up momentum, you will gain clarity and shall become very decisive. Around the middle of the month, the time will be good to take action and execute plans you had made for your personal and professional growth. But don’t expect rewards immediately. It may also entail huge expenses, but don’t push yourself too much financially. Arranging funds for fulfilling your ambitions will be a problem and unexpected expenses will make matters worse. Those of you who are drawing a fixed salary are likely to suffer the most. During the later stages of the month, though, things will start turning in your favour. You shall acquire a new perspective, and will then put in more efforts at work to achieve your goals. If you wish to change your job, you may start applying for the same now as you are likely to get a positive response. If you wish to know more about how your career is going to shape up, you might like to try the personalised Career Prospects Report, which is based on your Birth Chart and prepared by our panel of astute astrologers.

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