Jan 2015

There shall be a number of planetary movements taking place this week. Many of them will be favourable, feels Ganesha. If you have been looking for a job change, this is a good time to start applying, as you will most certainly get a positive response in the form of interview calls. If you wish to continue with your existing job, there is a possibility that you will have to shoulder more responsibility. These, of course, will have their own challenges, and you will have to put in extra efforts to prove your mettle. Over the weekend, the ruler of your Sign Mars will enter its other Sign signifying positive action. Aries and Venus too will follow course the next day. All these changes will have a positive impact on your endeavours aimed at achieving higher growth. Life’s not easy! But then, who ever promised it would be? We can help you pave a way to a better personal life, though, with astute, personlised Astrology guidance. Speak to an Astrologer NOW!

Feb 2015

As the days roll by this month, things will slowly pick up momentum, you will gain clarity and shall become very decisive. Around the middle of the month, the time will be good to take action and execute plans you had made for your personal and professional growth. But don’t expect rewards immediately. It may also entail huge expenses, but don’t push yourself too much financially. Arranging funds for fulfilling your ambitions will be a problem and unexpected expenses will make matters worse. Those of you who are drawing a fixed salary are likely to suffer the most. During the later stages of the month, though, things will start turning in your favour. You shall acquire a new perspective, and will then put in more efforts at work to achieve your goals. If you wish to change your job, you may start applying for the same now as you are likely to get a positive response. If you wish to know more about how your career is going to shape up, you might like to try the personalised Career Prospects Report, which is based on your Birth Chart and prepared by our panel of astute astrologers.

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