Apr 2015

This week the influence of Mars over the 10th House is likely to keep you busy with work, but will also present opportunities for improvement. Ganesha says the present planetary alliances are not supportive for a major change. So, it would be best if you stick to your present job and work with full dedication. You could also be entrusted with some important task to handle, but you will have to accept new challenges to prove your worth. It is only then that you will emerge as a resourceful professional. Businessmen are likely to have a busy schedule as you may be planning to add more products to your portfolio. On the health front, disturbed digestive system may force you to remain absent from work on one of the days. Try meditation or yoga to improve your health. What’s on your mind? Whatever, it may be, it shall pay to remain careful and measured, before you take a major decision like a job change. On the other hand, there’s no point in sticking to a job that doesn’t do anything for you any more…So, should you take the leap? Consult your Personal Stars – to get a reliable answer and solution, which will increase your happiness and satisfaction. Ask a Career QuestionOR get a 3 years Career Report…NOW!

May 2015

If you are in a job, you shall have to be very careful this month, especially while communicating with the higher-ups. Using impolite words or saying things in a sarcastic way may land you in trouble. However, this does not mean that you should not put across your views frankly; do so by all means, but be humble while doing so. On the domestic front, too, be compassionate with your near and dear ones, as the chances of arguments leading to disharmony are high this month. Thus you should invest in Relationships Ask a Question Detailed report to resolve your relationship matters from the astrology perspective. Renovating your home, replacing old furniture or vehicle or receiving gifts from in-laws may put you and your family in high spirits. If you are a businessperson, you shall have lots to rejoice, as you are likely to enter into a supply contract with a business tycoon. However, you shall have to negotiate hard, and entertain him/her to bag the deal. The positive influence of Jupiter will present you with myriad opportunities to strengthen your financial position. Refrain from succumbing to the temptation to earn a quick buck. Do not try to take advantage of the loop-holes in law.