Scorpio Horoscope

General Description: Every year, around 23rd October, the Sun enters Scorpio and transits through it till 21st November. The Scorpio-born are not at all shy, but when they are hurt, they withdraw completely and go into their shell. Nonetheless, the Scorpios are extremely intense, passionate individuals and certainly they can’t be taken lightly. Don’t ever make the mistake of messing up with them else you will have to run for safety, if the Scorpios decide to get even. They don’t forgive and forget easily and they are known to be very secretive and vengeful. Besides, to discover your natural abilities and use them to achieve your goals, we suggest you to get a fully personalised Chart your Destiny report, basis your personal Horoscope, prepared by an expert astrologer.

Element: Water

Quality: Fixed (= stability)

Characteristics: Fierce, Watery, Focused, Negative, Mute and Unemotional

Ruling Planet: Pluto and Mars

Detriment: Venus

Exaltation: Uranus

Fall: The Moon

Symbols: A Scorpion, Snake, an Eagle

The Symbols Denote: Resilience, Persistence, and has a Hidden Wish to Succeed.

Birthstone: Opal, Ruby and Bloodstone

Birth Colours: Red, Violet

Other lucky colours: Green, Blue

Lucky Day: Tuesday

Associated Flowers and Plants: Heather, dark red flowers like geraniums & rhododendrons, thorny- plants

Quality most Needed for Balance: A wider view of things

Deepest needs: To penetrate and transform

Compatible Signs: Cancer, Pisces

Best Sign/s for Marriage and/or Partnerships: Taurus

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Anatomically Scorpio corresponds to: The generative organs, reproductive system; bladder, ureters, pelvis of the kidney, urethra, prostrate gland, groin, rectum, colon, nostrils, and sense of smell; pelvic and pubic bones; muscles governing the opening of the bladder, rectum, and urethra; arteries serving the pelvic region; veins serving the reproductive organs.

Noteworthy Qualities: Energetic, action-oriented, fearless, tenacious, thoughtful, pleasant, eloquent, devoted, patient, ambitious, passionate.

Negative Personality Traits: Emotionally Hardened, Sarcastic, Suspicious, Destructive, Vindictive, Shrewd, Possessive, Intolerant, Ruthless. Moreover, to learn about the significant phases of your life, you can buy fully personalised Your Horoscope Analysis report, which is generated on the basis of your Natal Chart by an astute astrologer. Further, if you are interested to know more about Scorpio natives, read the Scorpio Description section.