Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

(23rd November to 21st December)

This Week (28-06-2015 – 04-07-2015)

With the Moon placed in your Sign, you are likely to be optimistic about your future growth prospects. And the positive vibes of Jupiter will back your efforts to move ahead and make progress in your field of activity. Professionals and those engaged in a job may have to learn a few new technologies and brush up their skills to keep themselves informed about the latest developments and in tune with the changing times. You may need to attend to some domestic matters urgently, cautions Ganesha. This also seems to be a good time to buy a new vehicle. The Full Moon will shine on the skyline around Thursday. This will make you even more attentive about family-related matters. The good thing is that with the full Moon placed in the powerful earth Sign Capricorn, you shall not get carried away by emotions. You are also likely to be keen on setting right financial matters and may decide to liquidate investments that may not be yielding satisfactory returns. The month is drawing to a close, and it’s time to review your month’s work. Are you unhappy with the way things have been shaping up in your career realm? Is change on the anvil? But, is it the right time to embrace a career change? Consult your Personal Horoscope for a clear cut, reliable answer. Ask a Career Question for Detailed advice.

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