Sagittarius – Leo Compatibility

Sagittarius-Leo Compatibility

Sagittarius-Leo Compatibility
The relationship between a Sagittarius and a Leo is a romantic one. Leo and Sagittarius share a warm relationship. The possessiveness of a Leo may not allow a Sagittarian to enjoy their freedom. Leos and Sagittarians form an attractive love match as they enjoy freedom, adventure and meeting new people. Sometimes the flirtatious nature of a Sagittarian may evoke the feeling of jealousy in Leo which can create minor problems in their compatibility. Going to bond the rest of your life with the regal Leo? Congratulations. Avail our 2013 Love and Marriage Prospects report which will throw some light on the favourable planetary conditions to forge this bond and make your relationship more successful.

Compatibility of Sagittarius Man and Leo Woman
This love match shares a wonderful physical chemistry. Both of them like to have fun and they can live the life to the fullest. A Leo woman has to be cautious so has to keep a check on the flirtatious nature of a Sagittarius man. A Sagittarius man has a fervent and passionate nature which is also shared by her and makes their compatibility a good one. Ignoring certain drawbacks in this relationship this match will be great.

Compatibility of Sagittarius Woman and Leo Man
The compatibility of this love match works very well as both the individuals share many common characteristics. Leo men and Sagittarius women like to be in the limelight. Their mutual understanding helps them to have romantic moments to cherish for life time. As time advances their relationship becomes stronger and stronger and this relationship will be truly successful. An enhanced equation with your life-partner will make your love life more harmonious. For this purpose it is necessary that you get your kundali matched with that of your partner. Avail our Kundali Matching service to get your kundali matched by our expert astrologers and get a detailed and personalised service tailor made for you.