Sagittarius Horoscope

General Description: The Sun transits through Sagittarius from November 22 to December 21. People born under this Sign are prone to be fun-loving, casual and have a great craving for travel. As a matter of fact, they are frequently called the chief wanderers of the Zodiac. Moreover, they are always keen on understanding people better and getting to know more about various cultures. The Archers are adventurous people who will not avoid experimenting with new things. Get a FREE Birth Horoscope, or if you wish to know about your future prospects in detail, get the Birth Chart based personalised Detailed Life Predictions Report.

Element: Fire

Quality: Mutable (= flexibility)

Characteristics: Masculine, Positive

Ruling planet: Jupiter

Detriment: Mercury

Exaltation: The South Node of the Moon

Fall: The North Node of the Moon

Symbol: An Archer, with half man and half horse body

The Symbol denotes: Positive outlook and an open-minded and generous disposition

Birthstone – Topaz, Amethyst

Birth Colours – Blue, Dark Blue

Other lucky colours – Yellow, Yellow-Orange, Black, Indigo

Associated Flowers and Plants – Asparagus, Dandelions, Carnations, Pink Coloured Flowers

Quality most needed for balance – Attention to detail, Administrative and organizational skills

Deepest need – To expand mentally

Compatible Signs – Aries, Leo

Best sign/s for marriage and/or partnerships – Gemini

Anatomically Sagittarius corresponds to: The sacrum and the sciatic nerve that proceeds down from it, energising the upper and back parts of the legs, the hips and the thighs; the sacrum and tibia bones; muscles in the thighs and buttocks; and arteries and veins serving the thighs and buttocks.

Noteworthy Qualities: Sincere, Truthful, Fair, Generous, Far-Sighted, Philosophical, Reliable, Self-Dependent, Energetic, Jovial, Intelligent. To use your strengths to their full potential, avail the Birth Chart based personalised service Chart your Destiny.

Undesirable Personality Traits: Boastful, Over-Confident, Brash, Unpredictable, Blunt, Aggressive, Inflexible, Inconsistent, Casual. You might also be interested in reading about Sagittarius Moon Sign.