Relationships & Compatibility

Trouble in relationship paradise? Painful intimacy issues?

Loving, understanding relationships form the core of our lives. Likewise, sex is an integral part of our lives. A healthy and passionate sex life solidifies our relationships, brings happiness and fulfilment. Any trouble in these areas, and rest of your life too may lose its balance and sheen! Share with us, tell us in complete privacy and get answers to these troubling issues. We can help you find practical solutions.
You can get solutions to
  • Strengthen and sort your relationships…
  • Compatibility and sex-related, intimate issues.
  • Enhance your relationships with your partner, boss, friends and more.
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Compatibility Assessment Reading
Compatibility Assessment ReadingPlease Wait…
What is the future of your relationship ? Is it meant to be or will it break ?
Gay/ Lesbian Compatibility Reading
Gay/ Lesbian Compatibility ReadingPlease Wait…
Is your relationship sealed by the stars?
Revive the Spark..
Revive the Spark..Please Wait…
Put back the zing in your relationship!
Sexual Soul-mates?
Sexual Soul-mates?Please Wait…
Have you found your sexual Nirvana yet?
Your Passion Equation
Your Passion EquationPlease Wait…
Are you the ardent fuel to their passionate fire?
Your Passion Personality
Your Passion PersonalityPlease Wait…
Sex and passion on your mind?