Pisces – Gemini Compatibility

Pisces-Gemini Compatibility

Pisces-Gemini Compatibility
The thing which powers the compatibility of this relationship is their resilience. Both are open to new notions and opinions. They have a get set go attitude towards adjustments. The traits which harm the compatibility of this love match is the emotional nature of the Piscean and uncaring nature of the Geminian. A Piscean is quixotic and is always in a never never land and a Geminian thinks practically. This love match can sweep out compatibility problems if Geminian learns to be sensitive and Piscean thinks practically. Got a question for which you need an answer? Decode your Gemini lover by asking for our Love Ask 3 Question s service.

Compatibility of Pisces Man and Gemini Woman
The passion of a Pisces man may magnetize a Gemini woman. After a few happy days differences may surface. A Pisces man finds it too difficult to express his feelings whereas a Gemini Woman can easily express her thoughts. Her sharp tongue and blunt nature may lacerate his sensitive heart. In order to make this relationship work, Gemini woman has to shower love and affection on him so that he opens up and expresses his feeling. He should extend his conversations to strengthen their compatibility.

Compatibility of Pisces Woman and Gemini Man
The love match of Gemini man and Pisces woman cannot be called as the perfect one. A Gemini man will be prone to change. His likes will change with the passage of time. What he loves today he may not love tomorrow and it is this negative trait which damages the compatibility. A Piscean woman cherishes someone who cares for her, loves and protects her while the Gemini man has nothing called emotional bonding in his dictionary. On a positive side Pisces woman can use her persuasion power to set things right.

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