A reckless attitude is the root cause of any downfall. Ensure responsible behavior and actions at every step at your workplace, today, suggests Ganesha. Be alert and focused and you will be able to dodge any incoming trouble. Today is a day of materialization and the projects and other things that you have been working on since a long time will draw close to completion and begin to pay off.


You will need to enlist the cooperation of your colleagues while chalking out strategies at the workplace today, if you desire to make substantial progress, says Ganesha. The good news is that your efforts are likely to fructify. Some important decisions will be delayed if left unattended until the evening.


Today your intellectual streak comes to the fore. You will indulge your curiosity and take interest in natural phenomenon. Your faith will help you complete all your pending tasks with ease. You will leave things to destiny. You will be more inclined to intellectual pursuits rather than professional, however, do not neglect your responsibilities, says Ganesha.