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The life is extremely fast-paced today, and the world can sometimes be alien, leaving you feeling very lonely. Plus, there are so many things that you cannot share with your friends or relations. Do not let these worries bother you any longer. We are here to listen to you, and be your friend, astrologer and guide.

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Zodiac Calendar for this Week

28-06-2015 to 04-07-2015
As per the Western tropical planetary positions
Personal Life
Low enthusiasm shall mar the performance and happiness of most people this week. Pursuing personal goals may either not be a priority, or may take a backseat, given the dull vibes that may leave people low on motivation, ambition and drive to excel. Possibility of acting on impulse or without logic shall be high, owing to which many of you may end up making wrong moves. Confusion shall prevail, thereby leading to chaos and delays, even in the projects, especially personal ones, that may have seemed quite straightforward and easy till now. Since the courage and confidence levels too shall be quite low now, this will not be a good time for taking any kind of risk. However, if a major personal goal is reaching a culmination point for you, and you cannot waste time, but find yourself stuck, find what your Personal Stars say in this respect. Talk to an Astrologer – NOW OR seek a guided, Personal Horoscope based report like Ask Any Question. Overall, just keep a low profile, while working on planning instead of execution.

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