The Chosen Ones…

Our commitment in the field of astrology is both to our customers and the empanelled astrologers, who are committed to provide excellent consultation via our platform. We select and hand-pick them carefully, so that you can get the best and most reliable guidance. Go on, get their services to see for yourself..

Panel of Astrologers

R  Sakuntala

R Sakuntala

Experience : 16 years
Expertise : Children (including baby names), education, business/career, marriage, wealth report, stock market, business names/logos, health, astro remedies, muhurta, yearly forecast
Ritesh  Kumar

Ritesh Kumar

Experience : 15 Years
Expertise : Vedic astrology, KP Astrology, Financial Astrology & Chaldean Numerology
Sundeep  Kataria

Sundeep Kataria

Experience : 14 years
Expertise : Vedic Astrology, Palmistry, Tarot Reading, Feng Shui,, Numerology, Vaastu and Pranic Healing.
Pandit Lokesh   Jagirdar

Pandit Lokesh Jagirdar

Experience : 18 years
Expertise : My expertise is in Prediction of Horoscope, ShadBal, and remedial, to the point analysis of various facets of life viz. Education, Health, Career, Financial , life prediction, etc.
Anand Sagar Pathak

Anand Sagar Pathak

Experience : 12 years
Expertise : Astrology, Tarot and Angel Guidance.
Rahul  Kaushal

Rahul Kaushal

Experience : 16 years
Expertise : Astrology,Vastu Science,Palmistry,Numerology,Face reading,Fengshui,Gemology and Yoga along with ‘Lal Kitab’
Radha Ballabh  Mishra

Radha Mishra

Experience : 14 years
Expertise : Health, Finance, Property, Education, Love, Marriage, Compatibility, Progeny, Career, StockMarketastrology
Ameesh Sharma

Ameesh Sharma

Experience : 12 years
Expertise : Career, Business, Marriage and detailed reading.
Santosh  Deuskar

Santosh Deuskar

Experience : 17 years
Expertise : Vedic Astrology, Numerology, K.P.system of astrology
R K  Shridhar

R K Shridhar

Experience : 20 Years
Expertise : Prashna Shashtra, Love life and Match-making and Career directions, Tarot expert.
Sukhwinder  Sharma

Sukhwinder Sharma

Experience : 14 years
Expertise : EXPERTISE : Vedic Astrology, Prashna Shastra, Numerology, Red Book, Vastu, Lal-kitaab, Career, Business, Marriage and detailed reading.
Alok  Khandelwal

Alok Khandelwal

Experience : 9 years
Expertise : Applied Astrology, KP Astrology, Scientific Analysis, Tatva Astrology, Indian Traditional Astrology, Astrology Combined with Ayurveda & Yoga
Surendra  Kapoor

Surendra Kapoor

Experience : 37 years
Expertise : Vedic Jyotish, Vastu Vidya, Naming Names (Naamkaran).
Bhaskar Jyotish

Bhaskar Jyotish

Experience : 33 years
Expertise : Indian Traditional Astrology, KP Nakshatra Padhaty, Lal Kitab
Rajeev  K Khattar

Rajeev K Khattar

Experience : 16 years
Expertise : Muhurata Shastra (lucky time to begin any important task), Lalkitab, legal matters, astro-remedies, stock market astrology, numerology (lucky name spellings of a person/company/film/).
Hirav  Shah

Hirav Shah

Experience : 14 years
Expertise : Astrology, Numerology, Bio-Rhythm, Palmistry, Graphology
Pt. Umesh   Pant

Pt. Umesh Pant

Experience : 12 Years
Expertise : Vedic Astrology, Vaastu Shastra, Karamkanda, Life Reading, Numerology, Subh Muhurta, Vaastu Shastra,
Vikas  Jindal

Vikas Jindal

Experience : 14 years
Expertise : Vedic Astrology, KP Nakshatra Padhati, Numerology, Vaastu and Pranic Healingn
Sonia  Nayyar

Sonia Nayyar

Experience : 10 years
Expertise : Her expertise is in the field of marriage and marital problems. She can predict the nature of one’s soul mate by establishing a karmic connection in horoscope of the native.
Alka Vijh

Alka Vijh

Experience : 18 years
Expertise : Vedic and Western Astrology, Varshaphala (yearly horoscope), Vaastu, Numerology, Healing by gems, yantras, and mantras reiki
Tanmay Thakar

Tanmay Thakar

Experience : 22 years
Expertise : Astro-psychology, relationship issues,..
Acharya Abhishek

Acharya Abhishek

Experience : 15 years
Expertise : Vedic and Red book astrology,yearly horoscope,Vaastu,Numerology,Gems and yantras,face reading,Stock market and very expert in Tantric Mantras