Career Prospects Report

Career Prospects Report

Hand-Written by GaneshaSpeaks Team
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The knowledge about your career prospects from Astrological point of view weighs a lot. It can help you find the right direction and also understand the challenges on your way ahead. Whether it is the right period to change the job or grind the time; and detailed prospects can give tremendous boost to your career. This report will guide all in all aspects of your worries in terms of your career.

Special Features of This Report :- (View Sample)
  1. Ask One Specific Question to the Astrologer and Get Detailed Advise
  2. Get free suggestions of authentic Vedic Remedies to ease the malefic effects
  3. Reports prepared by expert astrologers trained by Shree Bejan Daruwalla
  4. Reports prepared on the basis of the extract of our 13 years of astrological expertise
  • Review by Mrs. Mruga Kapoor, Gurgaon
    I took a Career Prospects Report from Ganeshaspeaks for my son. I was very worried, and he actually laughed at me when I told me. But, I was adamant. I trust astrology and these people. The report even amazed my husband and reluctant son, and I felt happy. The suggestions were useful. Thanks.
  • Review by Jasmine, Punjab
    What will I be? Which subject should I take for Masters – I had a choice of three areas! And, I felt lost – someone said something, others gave unsolicited advice, and my parents said do whatever makes me feel happy! Wow! No one answer helped me made a choice. It felt a little weird, but I opted for astrology guidance, after all it’s about my life and I cant take risks, so I had to cover all the basics. And, I must say the guidance I got was quite bang on. They told me about my basic interests which was true and based on that they suggested what field would be best for me…
  • Review by Shweta, Ahmedabad
    When I will get married, my this question was finally answered accurately. Thanks to the team of GaneshaSpeaks.I Personally would like to meet the team of astrologer if I will get the chance.
  • Review by Ravikant Saha, Delhi
    A few years ago, I bought a crystal Shree Yantra from a television show. I saw it didn’t really work, so I lost all faith in these. Then, I saw a friend of mine using this metal plate Yantra. He is all for it. He keeps it at his office and also at home. I was surprised. I didn’t even know something like this existed. So, I thought, I will speak to an astrologer and see what suits me. I got a Lagha Vighana Nivaran yantra from them. My marriage was solemnised last month. Need I say more!
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Your Hand-written report will contain…

Your Horoscope is the blueprint of your life. Our expert astrologers will analyse it deeply to bring you vital insights about your life and career choices, what’s best for you and what would be best avoided.

The Positives!
When you know what’s the best course for you, your own strengths and your strong points, you are poised for success – for you will know when to strike for success. This Report is designed to bring you all that and more!

The Negatives…
Face the truth – there’s always to learn something from our shortcomings. Plus, there are some areas that we are not destined to excel in – it’s human! Knowing all that in advance will help you maximise your strengths and minimise the damage that may be caused by wrong choices.

Solutions – take corrective action!
So, you know what’s best for you! But, there always are going to be some planetary combinations wreaking havoc for your life and career. We will suggest appropriate and relevant remedies, so you pacify the angry planets, and get the best from your Career.

Expert Guidance
Our Team of Astrologers is committed to excellence and quality astrological guidance at all times. Plus, they are an experienced bunch, poised to deliver the best and high quality guidance, each time, every time.

72 Hours Delivery
Yes, we work super hard to deliver all the reports within 72 hours of receiving the order request (weekends included). You get accurate and reliable guidance well in time!

Why should I buy this report ?

    Why should I buy this report?

    1. You will know what lies ahead for your Career path, in advance
    2. To know what’s best for you, and what would be best avoided – when it comes to professional choices
    3. This forecast combined with the corrective solutions will help you take better decisions as well as propel yourself towards Career success.

    How is your guidance helpful?

    1. The Horoscope analysis shall bring you great insights
    2. You shall have more control over your life and Career
    3. All choices and decisions you make vis-a-vis your Career shall be in tuen with not only your Personal Horoscope but also the in-effect planetary combinations

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can you predict accurately about my career or business strengths?
    We use the age old wisdom of Vedic Astrology to study your Horoscope in great detail. Vedic Astrology can bring you great insights about your own personality. Our findings regarding your career or business strengths are based on a rigorous analysis of your Birth Chart. Quality checks are performed at every stage of your report preparation, in order to bring you most accurate and relevant suggestions.
  2. Can I develop career/ business skills at this stage? Isn’t it too late for me, and isn’t my fate already decided?
    It is never too late to make a change for the better. Based on your birth details, this personalised report shall help you attain your true potential in your career/business, irrespective of your age or problem. Your future is in your hands, and with your positive approach and hard work, you can change it for the better.
  3. Will my personal information be kept confidential?
    Absolutely yes! All our customer details are kept 100% confidential. We do not give out customer information to anyone, come what may.
  4. I have certain other specific issues regarding my business/career. Will you suggest some other report?
    You can Ask us a Career/ Business Question, if you have a specific query regarding your work life. You may also go for Career Reports/ Business Reports, if getting a long-term view is on your mind. Better still, we suggest that you browse our Career and Business Section to check the other listed services.

Report Preparation Process

Step 1: Chart Generation
We use Vedic Astrology principles that have complex mathematical and astronomical equations to generate your birth chart.

Step 2: Interpretation of charts
Our expertise is in analysing your chart to interpret and decide on the various factors that have an effect on your life in the next year.

Step 3: Putting it all into words
All the analysis and interpretation is then compiled by our Senior Astrologers in the format shown in sample screenshots. It includes guidance and solutions.

Step 4: Verification and Approval
The final report copy is then checked by our Head Astrologer for accuracy and correctness. Once approved it is delivered to you.

Privacy of Your information

Any information that you provide to us is never shared or sold to any third party. In fact, even within, limited information is shared with employees on a ‘need to know’ basis only, for eg. only your birth details are shared with our astrologers since they need it to generate your horoscope. We use highly secure SSL with 256 bit encryption to safeguard your financial information. Highly secure payment gateways are utilised for all transactions.