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Love makes the world go round! That is why, love matters can be very painful! Now, get precise astrological guidance regarding all your love matters. When will you find true love? Is your partner your soul-mate? Should you take your relationship to the next level? We can answer all or any of these questions accurately, on the basis of your Horoscope.

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Zodiac Calendar for this Week

01-03-2015 to 07-03-2015
As per the Western tropical planetary positions –
Love And Dating
This week, Love Goddess Venus transits through conservative and old fashioned, stable Capricorn. Naturally, the week favours a more serious and committed approach towards love rather than a frivolous one. If your relationship is one of those flimsy, causal ones, the stars may not favour your advances much. On the other hand, actually you may find yourself thinking about getting more serious towards a certain love bond. If you love someone, and wish to make a declaration, this is a good time, adds Ganesha. Time is also ripe for dating, and some of you may begin dating in a long-term relationship soon. Be candid in matters of heart, this week, reminds Ganesha, as you shall be able to floor your beloved or partner with your ardent expressions of love now. Around Thursday and even after that, till the weekend, you may plan a short trip, long awaited ‘together time’ or a small lovey-dovey date. Always remember that these are generalised predictions, basis the planetary positions in a week. To get exact understanding of how the things shall unfold for you, about any issue in your life, invest in Personalised, Vedic Astrology-based service, which will be given, basis your Personal Horoscope. Get a customised reading like Love Ask 3 QuestionsOR Speak to an Astrologer!

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