Libra – Sagittarius Compatibility

Libra-Sagittarius Compatibility

Libra-Sagittarius Compatibility
The connectivity between Librans and Sagittarians is amazing. Librans are inclined towards maintaining balance and harmony. Sagittarians are intelligent and fun loving. But, Librans have a strange trait of transiting from one phase of emotion to other. At one point of time they are happy but at other time they will become very gloomy. Whereas Sagittarians are simple, innocent and extrovert. They will always support the Librans in finding the balance but Sagittarians are too innocent to suggest the right actions. Have a spate of questions arisen in your mind regarding your philosophical Sagittarius partner? Get answers to all your questions by availing our Love Ask 3 Questions service to get accurate answers based on your personalised horoscope.

Compatibility of Libra Man and Sagittarius Woman
A Libra man will be the luckiest person if he marries a Sagittarius woman. The pair will share all the love, happiness and romance in each other’s company and feel contended with this relationship. The Sagittarius woman will encourage the Libra man in achieving great heights and in turn, he will also entice her with his versatile nature. But, a Libra man sometimes gets irritated with the sharp-tongued Sagittarius woman but it will not last long as they have good understanding between each other.

Compatibility of Libra Woman and Sagittarius Man
The pair of a Libra woman with a Sagittarius man can be called as heavenly-made. There will exist a wonderful bonding, intimacy and understanding that others will feel jealous if they are not experiencing the same bonding with their counterparts. A Sagittarius man will be able to express his feelings to her. The physical attraction between them will keep-up the excitement and intensity. He is capable of making a Libra woman laugh even in her dull mood with his spontaneous and talkative nature. On the other hand, a Libra woman firmly believes in him and will shower her love and warmth to make a Sagittarius man happy.

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