Leo – Cancer Compatibility

Leo-Cancer Compatibility

Leo-Cancer Compatibility
Leo and Cancer possess different attitudes which tends to hurt their pride. Their compatibility works well as a Leo wants to be leader and a Cancer is a faithful follower. This love match may result in a successful marriage. A Leo feels contended when a Cancer showers a lot of praises. The compatibility may not get affected due their individual temperament but the relationship may develop well as they like to be in each other’s company. Finding it hard to handle your emotional Cancer partner? Make use of our Love Ask A Question service to make sense of your questions and get clear and pointed answers to them to make your relationship better.

Compatibility of Leo Man and Cancer Woman
Leo men are liberal to share their things. A Leo man loves to spend his time with his partner. The compatibility rates high for this love-match. A Cancer woman craves for faith and respect which a Leo man is ready to concede. A Leo man is always on his heels to give support to her when she is facing a tough time. This love-match shows a good compatibility as they respect each other’s emotions. Loyalty and commitment are the parts of their successful relationship.

Compatibility of Leo Woman and Cancer Man
This love-match has a great chance of compatibility if the Leo woman and the Cancer man try to compromise with each other. Cancer men are slushy and lofty whereas Leo women want love and adoration. If he is confident enough to give her the adoration and compliments she requires, this relationship can work out. A Leo man and a Cancer woman both have to be very sensitive, though, about the other’s sore spots. Overall, Ganesha says that this match can work out to be a perfect match with some effort.

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