Capricorn Horoscope

On or around 22nd December, the Sun enters Capricorn and transits through it till 19th January. Individuals born under the Zodiac Sign Capricorn are generally patient, ambitious, tolerant and persevering. They are inclined to be Aquarius Horoscope extremely careful and security-loving, and thus, each step they take is always properly planned and never impulsive or in a hurry. They act very responsibly and this makes them quite dependable individuals. The Capricorn-born set high standards for themselves and try everything in their capacity to get there. If you are curious to get a bird’s eye-view of your future, check out the customised Natal Chart based service Life Prediction – Overview.

Element: Earth

Quality: Cardinal (= activity)

Characteristics: Kind, Feminine, Detached

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Detriment: The Moon

Exaltation: Mars

Fall: Jupiter

Symbol: The Goat

The Symbol Denotes: Shyness, capacity to stay focused and reach goals.

Birthstone: Dark Sapphire, Black pearl, Jet

Birth Colours: Black, Indigo

Other Lucky Colours: Puce, Silver, Ultramarine Blue

Lucky Day: Saturday

Associated Flowers and Plants: Evergreen, Sturdy Plants, Bamboo, Marigold, Mountain Flowers, Wild Flowers

Quality most Needed for Balance: Warmth, Spontaneity, a Sense of Fun

Deepest needs: To manage, take charge and administrate

Compatible Signs: Taurus, Virgo. Get Love Horoscope – it is FREE!

Best Sign/s for Marriage and/or Partnerships: Cancer

Anatomically Capricorn corresponds to: Knee joints and the patella bone joints; skeleton; knee muscles; nerves in the knee; arteries in the knees; veins running through the knees.

Noteworthy Qualities: Wise, Dignified, Cautious, Practical, Thoughtful, Diplomatic, Profound, Positive, Ambitious, Focussed, Magnetic.

Undesirable Personality Traits: Nervous, Jealous, Selfish, Suspicious, Authoritative, Gloomy, Prone to Depression and Discontent. For a personalised reading of your future, get the Natal Chart based Janampatri OR Your Horoscope Analysis.