Cancer Nature

Although you are very emotional, you have a hard shell like the Crab, which symbolises your Sign. However, you are very soft and sensitive under the shell, and that’s why harsh words from others can deeply hurt you. You are apt to sink into depression quite frequently. You tend to seek solace in your family members and close friends, but soon realise that they can at best provide only temporary happiness. You may find the higher, permanent happiness quite elusive. You are also prone to mood swings, and can lose your cool over things that seem insignificant to others. You also have a habit of latching on to things from your past, and find it very difficult to let go, which in turn hampers your progress towards your defined goals in life. There may be a bit of a contradiction here, but you can be shrewd and selfless at the same time. However, you do have a keen sense of humour, and with the things you say, you can send your friends into fits of laughter. You are a family person, and your nest is the most important thing in the world for you. Moreover, we recommend you to get Your Astrology Profile report, which is based on your Natal Chart, to gain in-depth information about yourself.
Cancer Key Planet: Moon
In a fixed pattern, the Moon keeps waxing and waning, completing a full cycle in about 28 days, in which it takes a complete circle of the Earth. It is never the same two nights in a row. Women’s menstrual cycles are closely linked with the lunar rhythm, putting them closer to the subconscious realms of the Moon. For your Sign, man or woman, the Moon is the key planet, and deeply influences your feelings and emotions. The Moon also symbolises your basic needs, and deeply impacts the manner in which you interact with people around you. You can get the Remedial Solutions for Personal Issues report, basis your Natal Chart, prepared by our expert astrologers, to resolve your problems on the personal front.
Fourth House: Home and Family
Family is the primary concern for a Cancer-born. Cancer-born tend to have a large family, possess motherly qualities, as the 4th House is related to the mother. They love to nurture others, and never lose kinship with the people who nurtured them in early life; not just family members, but even friends in the neighbourhood and distant relatives. Their sub-conscious mind, if analysed correctly, can indicate how childhood events have shaped their lives. Besides, get Your Future in 2015 – Quarter-wise predictions report, basis your Birth Chart, to know how your life will shape up in the year 2015.
Cancer Element: Water
The Water Sign in astrology represents emotion, and Cancer is a prominent member of the Water element. Therefore, your emotions can either be full of ripples or can be as calm as a lake; it can be shallow or deep as a sea. The flow of Water also explains the frequent mood swings that you have in the course of a single day. High and low tides in the Water, caused by the Moon, also have a bearing on your personality. Your feelings sometimes flow smoothly like the river, and sometimes are still as in a lake, but almost always they run deep.
Cancer Strength:
The ability to nurture others is your biggest strength. Your other h5 qualities are trustworthiness, reliability, adaptability, empathy and responsiveness. In fact, you can buy the fully personalised Chart your Destiny report, to make the best use of your strengths and fulfil your dreams.
Cancer Weakness:
Being temperamental, clingy and selfish are some of your negative points. Fear of certain past events coming back to haunt you in the future could cause anxiety. You may also be interested to know more about Cancer Moon Sign.

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Cancer Overview (June 22 – July 22)

Sanskrit Name : Karkataka | Meaning of Name : The Crab | Type : Water-Cardinal-Negative. |
Lord : The Moon : Orange, White | Lucky Day : Monday, Thursday | Lucky Number : 2, 7, 11, 16, 20, 25 | Cancer Facts
Cancer is a Water Sign and stands 4th in the Zodiac. Lovers of home and family, the Cancers or Crabs are sensitive, emotional, harmonious, dedicated yet fixed. Most Cancer-born value their home, loved ones and comforts more than anything else. To most Cancer-born, the most noble goal lies in sheltering and providing every comfort to their loved ones. Soothing and caring Cancers are also quick in offering help to others. On their part, they try and avoid/ duck conflicts, as much as possible. This very trait makes them quiet and controlled about their own feelings. The Crab will quickly withdraw and retreat to the safety of its shell than confront and come clean – whenever faced with a conflict or dilemma. Nonetheless, persistent determination is one of the greatest strengths of the strong Cancer-born. They may not appear to have great ambitions, on surface, yet their desires and goals are deep and profound. At work, the Cancerians make for good managers and organizers, and are often seen taking good care of their co-workers and maintaining friendly, family like relations with them. Most Cancers, however, do not like to be guided or bossed around. Few know that Cancers can actually be quite dominating – quietly so – in their work ways. In relationships, naturally, Cancer-born are loyal and dedicated to their mates, bestowing love and affection with verbal appreciation and material gifts, whenever possible. Most noteworthy is the fact that Cancer-born make excellent parents, and they love their children to the core. Often, the Crabs are proud of their children, and instruct and teach their children moral manners, expecting them to be as well-mannered in private as they are in public.